Участница «Холостяка» Галина Чиблис: «Я не проявляла должного внимания к Егору» The girl today left the project on channel TNT. In an interview with “StarHit” Galina Ciblis said, why not got to the end of the show. However, all time spent with Egor and other girls, she’s very memorable.
Участница «Холостяка» Галина Чиблис: «Я не проявляла должного внимания к Егору»

Galina Ciblis missed the final of the project “the Bachelor.” Egor Krid did not appreciate the efforts of the participants of the project. Presumably, the sincerity of the feelings of Gali did not believe the parents of the artist, with whom he introduced her. “StarHit” talked with Ciblis. She brought in her version, why not got to the end of the show.

Участница «Холостяка» Галина Чиблис: «Я не проявляла должного внимания к Егору»“I probably just didn’t show enough attention to him as a potential young man. Historically our relationship with” – shared Galina.

As told the participant of the TV show, she had no difficulties with the other girls, as well as serious problems with Egor Creed.

“I don’t like conflict. On the contrary, had a large number of unforgettable pleasant moments. For example, I managed to meet the lovely family of Egor. But then we’re more friends than a couple,” said Chablis.

Creed liked the girl, so to him it was just the warmest feelings. “Yegor I was not disappointed, of course. On the contrary, I am very grateful for every moment on the project, for all the visits and our communication and everything that happened to us,” said Galina.

A member of the cast impressed her individual date with Creed. Also the highlight of the project Galya believes meet the parents Egor. We will remind, relatives of the girl were not happy with the fact that she went looking for love on a TV show. “Still remember how at the ceremony of the rose I read out to him rap,” laughs the girl.

Unlike her rival Daria Lukinoj come on the show for a second time, Galina is no longer going to look for love on a TV show. Ciblis has not yet said which of the girls will become the darling of the bachelor. “I think Egor makes the right choice,” said the girl simply.

The final included Viktoriya Korotkova and Daria Klyukina. Fans bet who will win. Recently in the Internet appeared the video, which was filmed creed along with Korotkov. However, it is difficult to judge whether or not the artist chose Victoria. Yegor creed caught having a secret meeting with the finalist of “the Bachelor”