Participant of “the Bachelor” divorced

Участница «Холостяка» развелась с мужем Viktoriya Korotkova put an end to the relationship with your spouse. Participant of the TV project could not become a free girl, because she did not have enough time to formally terminate a marriage that has long outlived its usefulness.
Участница «Холостяка» развелась с мужем

The participant of the project “the Bachelor” Viktoriya Korotkova has become one of the favorites Yegor creed. The girl was able to seek the location of the artist, though many of her rivals had already left the project. To fully experience all the emotions towards the main character of the show Vika decided to put an end to the old ways. Korotkova filed for divorce from her husband. She lived with him for a long period of time.

“I decided to go and get a divorce. Not ending an old relationship, you’ll never be able to start really new,” said a participant of the reality show in one of the issues.

Recall that Vika was together with the ex-spouse for five years.

Участница «Холостяка» развелась с мужем“Three years married. We had planned on children when was the peak of our emotions. I think children need to start when your relationship has reached the highest point when you need something more. When you realize that love a person as much as possible… I really wanted children, I thought I was to the child, but at the moment, apparently someone at the top saw that after the baby is born I’m unlikely to become the happiest woman on the planet. This wouldn’t have happened. And then the person who was next to me, his actions started to show that I should take off the rose-colored glasses and start thinking with his head, clearly explained, from whom you can have children and with whom better not to communicate” – shared Vika with “StarHit”, Recalling family life.
Участница «Холостяка» развелась с мужем

In the microblog Korotkova posted proof that now she is free girl. On the receipt is the date – January 17, 2018, when she and her husband were divorced.

“Officially. Topic is closed” – said the model.

Since the main part of the filming of “the Bachelor” was in the fall and winter, the fans decided that this information is likely true. However, careful skeptics noticed tablewindow part of the photo. “And that does not bother anyone that the name painted on the evidence? And ill take a picture on the Internet and will fight to the chest, they say, look everyone, here’s the proof!” – wrote one of the wearer’s social network.

The majority of fans believe Vick will be happy with Egor and perfect to him. The actor also admitted earlier that has a weakness for brunettes.