Participant of “the Bachelor,” Daria Klyukina out: “Elijah begged forgiveness”

Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Клюкина о свидании: «Илья долго просил прощения» Today she went to a rendezvous with llya Glinnikov. The man took Daria Lukino in Kuala Lumpur to give her an unforgettable journey. She shared with “StarHit” the feelings experienced from such a spontaneous trip.

      Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Клюкина о свидании: «Илья долго просил прощения»

      Last week the contestant of popular reality show “the Bachelor” Daria Klyukina even want to leave the project. At the ceremony of the roses the girl called Ilya Glinnikov on straight talk. She admitted the 32-year-old actor that to see him only friendship. It seemed to her that she was deprived of attention, and therefore does not know whether she in this case to continue to fight for his heart. “I’ve stayed in a Villa and wanted to go home. I have already started the breakdowns. Ilya apologized for keeping you so long. Why me? “Expect the unexpected”, he said to me,” admitted Daria “StarHit”.

      Glinnikov it was nice that the girl did not hide true feelings and shared their thoughts. However, Elijah was touched that Daria put him in the friend zone, but because he decided to arrange a romantic date, even if it goes against the rules of the project. The man fled with the girl during the ceremony of the roses. They went on an exciting journey to the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. Participant of “the Bachelor,” Daria Klyukina: “Elijah promised without vulgarity”

      “For me it was the best day of my life at the moment, – says Klyukina. – I was in a fairy tale and never wanted it to end. I haven’t slept and I did not want. The adrenaline kicked in”.

      Bachelor surrounded the girl with luxury and attention ordered a white cabriolet, showed the city while flying in a helicopter, went up to the feast of soap bubbles. Completed the trip a romantic dinner. Elijah did the girl compliments during the date, to melt the heart of beauty. Soon Glinnikov and Lukinoj had to come back to a project where they were looking forward to the remaining participants. “The girls were happy to have me back. Honestly, I was embarrassed in front of them, wanted to share their experiences,” says Daria.

      Now Klyukina will continue the fight for the heart of the bachelor, along with all. Despite the fact that she had the chance to spend so much time alone with the bachelor, Ilya tries to pay attention to each participant, so as not to offend any girl.

      “I really liked the date, everything was fabulous. After the trip I already start to wait a new meeting with Ilya we have at Villa,” admitted Klyukina.