Participant of “the Bachelor,” Anastasia Smirnova: “Mom wanted me to behave”

Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично» Model and presenter from Nizhny Novgorod became the main agent provocateur of the new season of Dating show. Anastasia Smirnova openly spoke about the shortcomings Yegor creed and relations with other contestants and revealed what choice she needs.
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»

Each week participants Dating show “the Bachelor” on channel TNT is getting smaller. Project serious passions boil. Each of the girls wants to prove Egor Creed, that is a worthy contender for his heart. To make a decision, the artist can consult with someone who gives him confidence. The friendship of Greg with 27-year-old Anastasia Smirnova raises questions among some viewers. The blonde called one of the most controversial of contestants. Anastasia has repeatedly passed the audition on a reality. There Smirnova lasted three and a half months. Model and TV presenter said “StarHit” about what Egor Krid actually, and answered the accusations of PR on “the Bachelor.”

Nastia, you participated in one reality show, so you already have some “baggage” behind. Does this help you on the set? Do you feel any advantage in relation to the other participants?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»I really feel that. I already know that such reality shows and imagine how yourself need to lead on such projects. Know that it is impossible to be silent and to defend their point of view. Because if you’re downtrodden wallflower, no one likes it. Yes, and I just couldn’t be silent, otherwise he would change himself. In addition, I have no embarrassment or excitement as the other girls, who first appeared before the cameras. So in my experience goes to good use.—
What was the reaction of relatives when I found out that you’re in the “Bachelor” on TNT?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»Mom was not happy, knowing that the main character is Yegor, whom I contacted before the project. She didn’t understand why you need to make personal to the entire country. Requested that I behaved decently. But of course, she couldn’t deny to participate because I am an adult and your own man and make decisions for herself… Now mom is watching the show, watching every episode. —
Did you have expectations of the project and are they justified?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»To be honest, I assumed that time Egor was familiar to the show, I will be more to communicate with him and often go on dates. Little did I know all the rules of the project. And this is probably my personal expectations were not met. But I’m not upset, because among other things, found on the project’s girlfriends.

What words would you use to describe Yegor creed? How long you think he is sincere with the other participants?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»Egor – a little narcissistic and self-centered guy. He understands that in our country many people like it. But Yegor is very kind and open to communication, always around to help, never turn my back in difficult times. If he is sincere?.. At the beginning of the project he is wary of the girls, but this is understandable. Why to trust essentially a stranger? Be disclosed to those with whom you communicate, to whom there is reciprocal interest. Now, in my opinion, he is sincere with every girl, though not revealed until the end with anyone. But he never deceives, hides nothing and tries not to offend. Tells the truth like it is. Although I think that I, for example, it may be unsaid some moments. Exactly because they already know me.
Have you changed your attitude to Yegor during participation in the project?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»No. On the contrary, for me it is more revealed through different situations, for example, during our date. For me, Egor had not been an artist, who is loved by millions. He was always an ambitious boy Egor by Bulatkina. I never feel weak at the knees when I saw him, and I was shaking. If I were to take Egor as the unattainable star, then she would deal with him with caution. —
You repeatedly suspected of being “promoted” through participation in the project…
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»What can I say? Before the project no one except my family and friends did not know that I communicate with Egor. If I wanted to be promoted thanks to a famous person, it would have done it much earlier! Uploaded photos and videos in the days when I worked in the TV program on the lifestyle and went to interviews and footage with Egor. Then he became a very popular artist. Therefore, such accusations are weird. I came to the project just for Egor. For me, the reality show is stressful, but I voluntarily became a member of “the Bachelor,” because I just like people and all. —
How much do you think the girls are really fighting for Egor, and who just pretends?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»I can’t say the percentage. But on the show there are sincere girls, as well as those who are simply on the project, and even a little afraid of Yegor. I cannot see they have desire to please him and chat. I know for sure that all the girls with whom I communicate closely on the show, are really fighting for the heart of Yegor. Half of the girls insincere and I don’t know why they came here. They are not honest with Egor.—
Is there a female friendship, especially through a TV show?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»Before “the Bachelor,” I didn’t believe in this sort of relationship to reality, and they have me, they never did. Maybe I just got older and began to look at many different things, but I was surprised when after the first ceremony found people with whom I’m interested and you can chat. And I understand that even if Egor choose them, it does not mean that I will hate, begins to envy and stop to chat. So the friendship on “the Bachelor” can be, I checked it personally. Half of the girls insincere and I don’t know why they come here, they are not honest to Yegor.

What kind of girl do you need Greg?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»I know he likes the older girl, smart, self-sufficient in something established, those who want to develop and not sit still. And, of course, beautiful. In General, there was a very strange stereotype that Yegor supposedly chooses the “done” models. Where it comes from, unless he was one such girl? No. He doesn’t need a doll who can’t put two words together and make soup. Only a strong character with a good sense of humor, Egor, by the way, very welcomed!—
Participants of “the Bachelor” on TNT surrounded by many rumors and gossip. The Network even has groups that appear regularly “leaks” about the girls. How are such false information and people who distribute it?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»You can write anything you want! I try not to believe everything you read. Although some rumors about certain people may be true. That is, it happens that you read and understand that this information is not unfounded… But I still don’t believe in all these “leaks”, especially when the person appears on the screen. —
What helps you through difficult moments?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»Privacy. Although it is almost impossible. I’m always with girls and even if, for example, go to the pool to think about something else, you still feel the presence of other people. So complete seclusion I often find in the shower when you do not remove the camera and no one sees when you can just stand under the water and reflect. A few times I allowed myself to cry there. I can’t do it on camera, because my way does not involve tears. But actually I’m fragile, like any girl. I remember once after our Egor Dating I really didn’t want to go back. I was ready to walk all night to wipe feet, but only to distract and change the situation. The Villa is often a tense atmosphere. —
How would you characterize your relationship with the appeared on the set of “Kardashians”?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»We’ve been friends. Most of the warm relationship I had with Vic. I like her a lot and she understands me and I her. —
Viewers call you chief provocateur, then what are you like in real life?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»I’m so flattered! Loved ones love me because I’m really friendly, sweet. And I have no aggression towards people who communicate with me and understand. I do not want anything with them to find out, and I want to hug them all! But those who mean nothing to me, and even yourself whom is unclear, unpleasant and even disgusting. The camera changes people. By the way, I know for sure that this is my last reality show!

Do you have any weaknesses and shortcomings that you’d like to handle?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»I would like to learn how to control their emotions and be less quick-tempered, not aggressive at all to respond. In relations with men I’m very selfish. Just not for me, immediately getting pissed off. Although now working on it, trying to compromise, but it is hard for me. And I realized that it is impossible to be all kind and nice, otherwise people sit on the neck. This is evident even in my work as a leader (I have my own beauty salon in Moscow). You should always show your character. —
Do you consider yourself a charitable person?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»Of course! I’m always ready to help, trying to stand on the side of the weak and those who have made mistakes, but repents. But you know, people are evil, and that sometimes help is not desirable. Now I created one charity project with the girls. Its essence lies in the fact that my salon sold t-shirts with prints and all money received from their sale, we want to send to the needs of the children from the orphanage. Once announced the promotion, I fell a lot of negativity and accusations of PR. People, have you completely lost your mind? Not helping is bad, do the opposite – too bad. But I still will not surrender and we will bring the case to the end. Because those who need help should get it regardless of the opinions of others. —
And what kind of man you see around me?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»Stronger than me, and the spirit and character! He was able to subdue me, and I would have gone after him and tried to adapt. And not because the man should be the main, but because I so wanted. I want to be a fragile girl that love and care about.—
How many in your life have a long-term relationship?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»Not really, but it was. Remember strong first love, then I met a man a little older, last relationship was also long, but… It is neither to no avail, so I had to finish them. I want a family and kids, but all these “vstrechke” probably not for me.

As usual abandonment issues?
Участница «Холостяка» Анастасия Смирнова: «Мама просила вести себя прилично»You can cry, but then try to find the person negative qualities and remember the bad moments, it helps to just let go of thinking “what a coward”! By the way, effective way. But, of course, there is a period of partying with friends when everybody’s talking about it and eventually come to the conclusion – all the better.—
The most insane thing you ever done?
Of course, this is my participation in a reality show!