Participant of road accident with Tarasov: “I wanted to provoke him”

Участница ДТП с Тарасовым: «Я мечтала его спровоцировать»

It turns out that the 33-year-old Hope Fedosenkova three years trying to find a reason to provoke a famous football player.

Dmitry Tarasov is already in danger of becoming the anti-hero of this year. The scandals of the famous football player did not subside even for a minute. First fans of Olga Buzova accused him that he broke up the marriage, but recently was shocked that he sarcastically commented on the tears of a former spouse (read more HERE).

Not only that, Tarasov became the participant of road accident. According to 33-year-old Hopes Fedosenkova, the athlete not only scratched her car, but also behaved very rudely, did not apologize, but together with friends threatened her with violence… However, she decided not to give up and to restore justice. Girl coming on the show “live” and spoke about the incident in detail.

Участница ДТП с Тарасовым: «Я мечтала его спровоцировать»

“I turned, it cuts me. I hit a piece of metal that is on the right. He stops the car, I get out, begin to capture the damage and fix the number of machines,” – said Hope Fedosenkova on a talk show.

However, the audience and the experts in the room, viewed the video with the accident, suddenly came to the defense of Tarasova, noting that the injured party also does not mince words and just before the collision the athlete was rude and used foul language. Then the girl was forced to confess that he felt animosity towards the player for a long time.

“I wanted to provoke him,” suddenly she snapped.

Here is a twist. I wonder what could annoy Tarasov 33-year-old motorist? Three years ago, he was an exemplary family man and a successful athlete – nothing to complain about. Unless its fabulous fees… anyway, Hope is on his own: ex-lover Buzova should be punished.

Currently, in the case of Tarasov and Fedosenkova police continue to investigate.

It is not excluded that Fedosenkova just like to live in a state of war. As it turned out, this wasn’t her first major accident. The Studio programme also came a woman who said that her Hope was also a conflict on Moscow, but she did not contact the police.

The word is not a Sparrow, fly – not catch. People sometimes go on very dishonorable things for a minute PR. That’s their business, not going to judge, but only in one case – if it’s not the peace and humiliation of others. Most of all I hate lie. In this video the heroine of the incident, which did not know about the availability of DVR in the car. Once again confirms that it is not always necessary to believe what you write. Have a great day. People stay in any situation #stopham#accident#waitingarea#registratorskaya#thepredicted

Video published tarasov23 (@tarasov23) 10 Nov 2016 12:30 PST