Participant of road accident with Tarasov: “for three years I wanted to provoke him”

Участница ДТП с Тарасовым: «Я три года мечтала его спровоцировать» Hope Fedosenkova in detail told about the accident. The woman was unfortunate that the famous athlete Dmitry Tarasov was rude. After the incident, according to her, she began to receive threats.

      Участница ДТП с Тарасовым: «Я три года мечтала его спровоцировать»

      Last week the scandal broke, in which was involved the husband of Olga Buzovoy Dmitry Tarasov. A woman named Hope Fedosenkova was published in the microblog entry of a traffic accident. She was outraged by the behavior of a famous athlete tried to accuse him not only that he created an emergency situation, but also moral damage.

      Dmitry Tarasov has been an accident involving a stranger

      Hope decided to tell about what happened in the program “live”. Woman in the colors described what happened that night. She can remember details of a collision with a car Tarasov.

      “I turned, it cuts me. I hit a piece of metal that is on the right. He stops the car, I get out, begin to capture the damage and fix the car number,” said the woman.

      Experts who gathered at the program, it was alerted that the recording of the DVR is clearly audible as the woman allows myself obscene expressions in the address Tarasova before the collision. Hope hurried to apologize, and confessed that the half hour wait to enter the Park.

      “Would have been different, I would be lost! – expressed Hope. – He was very rude and then I realized that the star himself is so, I was biased”.

      Experts even suggested that Fedosenkova specifically waited for Tarasov to adjust this clash. The fact that now in the family of Dmitry and his wife Olga Buzova tensions, some even talking about the breakup of celebrities. One of the guests in the Studio remembered that not so long ago in the comments to one of the publications of the presenter in the social network, the Hope promised to take revenge on the player.

      “I wanted to provoke him,” said Fedosenkova “Live”.
      Участница ДТП с Тарасовым: «Я три года мечтала его спровоцировать»

      Hope said that after the incident she and her family were threatened. When she arrived home, she got a call from an unknown number. She guessed that this is connected with the conflict on the road.

      As it turned out, it not the first case, when Hope had run-ins with other road users. The Studio came a woman, who also suffered from the actions of Fedosenkova. According to Lyudmila tretyachenko, after a short conflict, on the ring road, Hope began to beat her. However, the victim did not contact the police.

      Now under investigation to figure out who is to blame for what happened in the Parking lot between Fedosenkova and Tarasov.