Participant of “New American idol” Juliana Senecca: “My man makes me sexy”

Участница «Новой Фабрики звезд» Ульяна Синецкая: «Мой мужчина делает меня сексуальной» The budding performer talked about life in the Star house and the relationship with her boyfriend. Some time ago, the “New Factory of stars” left the chosen girl Samvel Vardanyan. According to Uliana, a young man supports her in the distance.
Участница «Новой Фабрики звезд» Ульяна Синецкая: «Мой мужчина делает меня сексуальной»

Juliana Senecca has been vocal since early childhood. In 10 years, she has become a finalist of the National selection round of the international competition “Eurovision”, and pozvolet stormed “the Voice” and made the team of Alexander Gradsky. Now she takes part in “New star Factory” on the channel MUZ-TV. Despite the fact that the beloved Sinickas Samvel Vardanyan left the project, singer despairs. Juliana said “StarHit” about his attitude to the filming of the TV show, love at a distance, as well as joint work with the group “VIA Gra” and Polina Gagarina.

In recognition of the girls, she initially did not believe that successfully passed the casting. The project also got her boyfriend Samvel Vardanyan. “I remember that there was another couple, and then the choice was between us. But in the end took us both at once”, – said Juliana. When the artist learned that he became a member of the TV show, then stayed on the seventh heaven from happiness. However, lovers had to face some difficulties.

“First time on “star Factory” we, with him it was very difficult to be under a sight of television cameras, – said the girl “StarHit”. – I think that all couples that have a candy-bouquet period, play in public. We are more conscious in this regard and our relationship is very personal, so it was a bit difficult in the framework of the project. We even had skirmishes”.
Участница «Новой Фабрики звезд» Ульяна Синецкая: «Мой мужчина делает меня сексуальной»

Samvel left the project about two weeks ago. A girl says she’s not jealous mate to the other girls, because I trusted him. According to Sinickas, she is very much missed Vardanyan. He tries to support his beloved. “We exchange letters and gifts. And when we have time on the social network (just ten minutes), I first, of course, written by Samvel,” says the artist.

The young people met several years ago on the set of a music project. Samvel and Ulyana often share joint creativity on the Internet.

“At first I didn’t even think about it. We were friends, then realized it was more than friendship. And at one point decided that we were together. We’ve been Dating for three years. We have complete harmony. We love the same music, eat the way our voices blend perfectly. What he tells me and I him. No criticism, we inspire each other”, – said the artist.

Viewers of MUZ-TV believe that Juliana might be another member of the group “VIA Gra”. A video in which she sings alongside the sexy babe has become one of the most viewed clips from “manufacturers” in Instagram.

“I don’t know how to be deliberately sexy, it seems to me that it awakens in me just beside him. It was a bit heavy, I crossed over itself due to the fact that I’m pretty conservative – shared Senecca. – I tried very hard, but did everything differently, although I didn’t want to stand out against the background of the participating groups. They already established team, and I adjusted to them.”

Juliana also admitted that she liked to sing with Nikita Alexeyev. “Very cool,” she says. In addition, the shooting of the project the girl had a chance to speak with Polina Gagarina. Senecca delighted with the collaboration with the star. “She’s my idol and a great example to follow – I can say that has come true my big dream,” said “the” star factory “participant”.

Участница «Новой Фабрики звезд» Ульяна Синецкая: «Мой мужчина делает меня сексуальной»