Participant of “House-2” Tangieva Rome boasted her figure

Участница "Дома-2" Рима Пенджиева похвасталась своей фигурой
Rome Pendzhiev gained fame through participation in the TV project “Dom-2”.

Участница "Дома-2" Рима Пенджиева похвасталась своей фигурой

She is now resting on the beaches of Israel. Enjoying the warm weather, Rome immediately went for a swim.

The sea girl had a photo session. She was wearing a two-piece bikini that showed off her appetizing forms.

“Friends, well, huge Hello to all of Israel, the Dead sea. We have just bought in the sea, but there is, of course, long aleissa. A little moistened his limbs and his body and decided to go for a swim in the pool, because here you can sunbathe, and fresh water. Very pleased that sunshine we have here are good. Like, not very many people. Came here just for one day, without notebooki. Fry your buns. All good mood, good day,” he wrote of Rome in “Instagram”.

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