Participant of “House-2” is trying to steal Vlad Kadono family

Участница «Дома-2» пытается увести Влада Кадони из семьи Star telestroke admitted feelings to the leading of the project. Maria Kohno all of a sudden saw the man their ideal. Girl all over the country expressed sympathy, which is no longer able to hide.

      Violinist, conquered all the inhabitants of the Glade, without exception, tried for several months to build relationships with colleagues on site. The most lasting and vivid novel was its Union with the mentor the theatre school project young actor Dmitry Lukin. However, it turned out that for a long time blonde loves leading “House-2” Vlad Kadoni. Beautiful long concealed sympathy, knowing that he is in a relationship. Kohno does not deny that she is very worried and can’t even hold back tears at the sight of the object of adoration. Vlad Kadoni first sweetheart: “she makes me happy”

      “Well, I can’t. When I see you, I feel bad. I like you very much. I can see you and all I want to cry. Actually I like” – confessed lover of Masha in one of the ethers.

      Man this frankness took as a joke and asked the fan not to raise the subject. But, apparently, feelings violinist so strong that she could not safely react to the presence of a number of the presenter. The participants of the TV project “Dom-2” at a loss, because novels with guide to the show is prohibited. In addition, Kadono really cherished idyll that reigns in relations with peers Anna Devitskaya. Young people have been Dating for more than six years and my dream is to someday create a big and friendly family.

      Not wanting to hurt the beloved and to support the ridiculous rumors about the relationship with the blonde, Kadono decided for the whole country to clarify the situation. A fragment of a live man put in a personal microblogging, signing that he was, contrary to the wishes, had to talk about personal publicly. Psychic confessed to feelings for the second half and made it clear to otdyhatelnoe that caring for him makes no sense – his heart is occupied. He also added that he does not tolerate betrayal and will not allow it with your hand.

      “They say for everyone, for you, Masha, including. I have a girlfriend. Her name is Anya. I love her very much. And never, ever cheat on her. With anyone, under any circumstances. All these dirty insinuations, that somewhere there is something… Mary, you do not paint,” he said on Calvary is a leading.