Участница «Фабрики звезд» Юлия Михальчик объявила о своей анорексии The actress told how to overcome serious illness. The disease got her after the end of the project “Factory of stars”. Michalczyk has reached a critical point on the scale is less than 40 pounds. Parents have saved Julia.
Участница «Фабрики звезд» Юлия Михальчик объявила о своей анорексии

The former “star factory” participant Julia michalczyk was the guest of the program “Live healthy!” with Elena Malysheva. The singer admitted that seriously ill anorexia nervosa after musical project. According to her, at 22, she weighed 60 pounds, and for some months literally melted to 40.

In recognition of Yulia, she wanted to be perfect in everything. For the sake of performing on stage, the artist decided to lose weight. Says michalczyk, her childhood, the straight a student syndrome.

“I had done it alone, she appointed a diet… And then you’re so used to this way of eating when you have no carbohydrates in General – a lot of things there. I’m starting to think I can recover from eating candy, for example, from a glass of milk… And it turns into agony. You can’t get out of this state,” admitted Julia.

The singer shared that to defeat the disease helped her parents. The closest people came to daughter from St. Petersburg to Moscow and found the girl in critical condition.

“I lived separately from their parents in Moscow, they were in St. Petersburg. They took me with them in the morning when I barely got to the bathroom… And that’s all. I was treated at the Military medical Academy, where I stayed for a month. Came to the gynecologist and said, “At this point, the girl can not have children.” Apparently, the body was so dried up,” said michalczyk.

According to Julia, the worst during the illness was for her to refuse the job. The actress wanted to build a successful career, but all her thoughts were about food and losing weight. The singer is convinced that to cure anorexia is possible only with the help of professionals.

Michalczyk said in the program, how to protect yourself and loved ones from dangerous diseases.

“If you decide to lose weight, if you decide to get in shape if you are overweight, you should first go to a nutritionist, you have to figure out a diet, you must pass tests. And then to lose weight,” said Julia.

The program also remembered that skater Yulia Lipnitskaya last year admitted that he was sick in anorexia nervosa. The girl dreamed of to achieve success in your career, and ended up in the hospital. After treatment, the athlete has left figure skating.

“99 percent of health problems. And the rest, of course, already was applied to it. After was announced my diagnosis, I began to write, to ask why I did it. But even if I had not said, the information would still be leaked. Anorexia – a disease of the 21st century, it is not uncommon. Unfortunately, it is hard to cope,” – said Lipnitskaya.

Yulia Lipnitskaya spoke about the struggle with anorexia and his relationship with his own father