Participant of “Eurovision” faces a prison term

Участнице «Евровидения» грозит тюремный срок

The contestant of “Eurovision” the drop-off Bjorgvinsdottir, representing Iceland, is threatened with imprisonment at home, and all because she had misused his country’s flag during the opening ceremony.

As reported by several media outlets, the drop-off has put the autograph on the flag of your country and let him into heaven, as, indeed, all the participants, but in her country this is not a joke, and return to Reykjavik Bjorgvinsdottir can expect a prison sentence.
In accordance with the laws of Iceland, it is strictly forbidden to desecrate national symbols, which is the flag, inscriptions or drawings. Yes and raise it on something other than the flagpole also prohibited. It is not surprising that the video of the opening ceremony of the competition caused a wave of indignation among the Icelandic public. The Ukrainian organizers should carefully prepares for the ceremony and to take into account this nuance.
Recall that Slope is the daughter of the famous artist Bjorgvin of Halldorsson, which, incidentally, also once participated in the Eurovision song contest, and now is producing. The girl became famous at the age of nine when my dad sang a Christmas song and after the release in 2011 of her debut album, “The realme” and became a local star.