Участник «Битвы экстрасенсов» Намтар Энзигаль раскритиковал шоу «Звезды под гипнозом» The magician does not believe in the reality of the new show. Namtar, Antigal ambiguously refers to the project which leads Maxim Galkin on the First channel. He expressed his opinion on what show the audience.
Участник «Битвы экстрасенсов» Намтар Энзигаль раскритиковал шоу «Звезды под гипнозом»

For months, the debate continues about new show of the First channel “Stars under hypnosis”. ISA Bagirov introduces celebrities in a certain state, and then the presenter Maxim Galkin asks questions and requests to act. Many viewers are ambivalent about the program. Some believe that the project is not more than the setting, and others believe in the veracity of events. Galkin met his family, which refused to participate in his show

Participant in the 16th season of the project “Battle of psychics”, MAG Namtar, Anshal also commented on the program of the First channel. In the popular social network Ask.fm fans asked him to Express his opinion.

“To introduce a person in such a deep trance that he was grimacing like a monkey, one click is impossible. Therefore, two options: either don’t show everything and the process of “swing” cut, or it is nothing more than a theatrical performance” – that is the impression on Namtar transmission.
Участник «Битвы экстрасенсов» Намтар Энзигаль раскритиковал шоу «Звезды под гипнозом»

However, the ISA Bagirov does not negate the fact that not all people are susceptible to hypnosis, but because the pre is found in every celebrity that wants to participate in the show. He provides them with preliminary work to establish a connection. That is why during the filming of the program hypnology so effective to work with guests. Hypnology-the mentalist ISA Bagirov: “In personal relationships, hypnosis is not used”

Some help think Bagirov leads people astray. For example, Mikhail Lidin confuse high prices for his mater-classes and trainings. He questioned the qualifications and blurry formulations that are on the ISA website.

“The first education I am a lawyer of international law, the second education received at the Department of “Legal Psychology and criminology”. […] I am often asked where have you studied? And here is my answer: in relation to the world I’ve always been a student, and this means that I studied where possible (in Russia and abroad). But unfortunately dozens of schools and “masters” with whom I trained gave me about ten percent of the theoretical information of the one hundred that I have now and zero practical skills. I learned in my life have learned, probably, because always looked at the world a little differently than most people around me,” said the official website of men.