Participant of “Battle of psychics” may be taken off the project due to Liberi Kadono

Участник «Битвы экстрасенсов» рискует покинуть проект из-за Либерж Кпадону Denis Vysotsky was again seen in the company of girls. It became known that the young man became interested in Liberi Kadrosu during its participation in the “House-2”. However, once he was unable to get her location.

      The Network does not cease discussion of the novel between Denis Vysotsky, who participates in the project “Battle of Psychics”, and Liberi Kadono. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” have even admitted to having severed ties with previous boyfriend Joseph Mungole. The girl said “StarHit” that they parted friends. However, her heart was already not free. “I like one man, and I even love very much, but in the pool with his head do not rush. I hope he will understand my employment,” frankly admitted Liberi. Liberg Kadono dumped a guy for the star of “the battle of psychics”

      Later in the microblog ex-member of telestroke began to appear pictures with a young man, in which all the learned Denis Vysotsky. The guy had long wanted to meet Kadono. He wanted to go to the project “House-2”, where participated Liberi. However, he abandoned this idea when I found out that she had left the telestroke and decided to find a spectacular girl outside the perimeter of the show.

      However, because of the novel with Kadono Vysotsky may be deprived of the opportunity to participate further in “the Battle of psychics.” That is why the young mage was removed from social networks all joint pictures with Liberi, and also wrote a post in which you explained everything in detail, and apologized to the leadership of the program.

      “I’m sorry that somehow mired in rumors and scandals regarding his personal life! I am so embarrassed and ashamed. Of course, I blame myself. Not looking for excuses. I hope that my participation will not be affected,” – said Denis.

      According to the psychic, this is another “lesson that was worth coming”. Vysotsky admitted that he has not learned to distinguish between betrayal and therefore ended up in this situation.

      However, at the disposal of “StarHit” was the video that proves that the couple did not part. On shooting hidden camera shows how Kadono and Vysotsky hug and kiss in the restaurant. According to this movie, the novel is gaining momentum.