Participant of “Battle of psychics” Marina Zueva: “Nikolay Karachentsov tired to suffer”

Участница «Битвы экстрасенсов» Марина Зуева: «Николай Караченцов устал мучиться» The actor is undergoing treatment for cancer. Fans worried about him and wish recovery. Marina Zueva, the witch is from Portugal, made a forecast for the future Karachentsov.
Участница «Битвы экстрасенсов» Марина Зуева: «Николай Караченцов устал мучиться»

Member of the eighteenth season of “Battle of psychics” Marina Zueva living in Portugal for many years. The witch deals with spirits and can see the future. Ability Zueva opened when she was still a child, but for a long time she tried not to show that she also has the ability to avoid being institutionalized. Marina did an exclusive forecast for the “StarHit” about the health of Nicholas Karachentsova.

The witch of “the battle of psychics” Marina Zueva: “you Know the date of his death, but I don’t want to think about it”

“Nicholas the Martyr. He lived life to the full. Karachentsov would have long since passed away, but he has an earthly angel. His wife is constantly pulled, he watched her and been inspired by. His condition worsens. He’s just tired of it all, he was tired. Don’t know how much he is still destined years to live. Just Nicholas still releases,” – explained Zuev.
Участница «Битвы экстрасенсов» Марина Зуева: «Николай Караченцов устал мучиться»

According to participants of the project, Karachentsov understands. Because of the accident that occurred many years ago, the health of the artist has not recovered to the end. Nikolai Petrovich disturbed speech function, however, it remains a sensible idea.

“Through these sufferings he felt the sincerity of wife and family. The actor lived it. Wife was surrounded by his love. At the same time, she instructed and forced to fight. Lyudmila strong will. Karachentsov sees his love,” said Marina.

The hard way Karachentsov: accident, leaving the scene of and the fight against cancer

Участница «Битвы экстрасенсов» Марина Зуева: «Николай Караченцов устал мучиться»

The witch calls the wife of the artist “bright star”, which is a Nikolai Petrovich in life. Zuev suggests that after the death Karachentsov Porgina will fall into a serious depression. “She feels like she has something torn. Lyudmila has invested in him all that was. At this point, loved ones will need to support,” added Marina.

Recall that now Karachentsov undergoing treatment for cancer. Some time ago the actor was diagnosed with lung cancer. According to recent pictures, he began to develop metastases. Unfortunately, according to doctors, the tumor was inoperable, so the artist will need medication and chemotherapy. As told Polina “StarHit”, her husband is not discouraged and is ready to fight.

“Nick tells me everyday: “Honey, I want to live. God already gave me 12 years after the accident. I will fight” – shared Ludmila Andreevna.