Participant of “Battle of psychics” Konstantin Hecate: “I believe ill person”

Участник «Битвы экстрасенсов» Константин Гецати: «Меня считают нездоровым человеком» One of the most attractive contenders for victory shared with “StarHit” the details of his personal life and feelings at the expense of work. Constantine Hecate managed to win the favor of many women and demonstrate on tests of his gift.
Участник «Битвы экстрасенсов» Константин Гецати: «Меня считают нездоровым человеком»

Constantine Hecate regarded as the new sex symbol of the project “Battle of psychics” on channel TNT, which replaced the Alexander Sheps. 30-year-old doctor originally from Ossetia is a serious competitor to other show participants. Konstantin is helping people, using your medical skills and psychic abilities. Hecate said “StarHit” why a man should not be beautiful, but also shared why he participation in the project.

“I have not opened the ability, it’s just that my blood has stopped “to sleep.” When that happened, of course, I was shocked, but I quickly recovered and realized what is happening. The fact that I knew the history of our culture and a kind of,” admitted participant in “the battle of psychics”.

“I was a doctor before the project, they remain on the show and they will. I understand how many of my colleagues now look at me – how unhealthy person, although, be sure to spit over left shoulder three times and knock on wood, to himself not to go mad. All in one way or another superstitious. I understand that not passing the test, you could always stay for colleagues as a clown. But their spirits I put above, than the opinions of others”.
Участник «Битвы экстрасенсов» Константин Гецати: «Меня считают нездоровым человеком»

Constantine admits that he tries to help people, and also has a unique gift: he talks with the dead and spirits. On the show “Battle of psychics” he went at the behest of the heart, and friends and family supported his decision. Now the man won the sympathy and location.

Участник «Битвы экстрасенсов» Константин Гецати: «Меня считают нездоровым человеком»“I’m a man, not a sex symbol. This role is abusive, I will ask me not to apply! Kidding. Better let me remind you that I am not participating in a beauty contest. Yes, and don’t have to be too handsome. It needs to be smart and strong,” admitted the witch.

Fans are also interested in free heart the handsome East. Hecate admitted that he has no beloved. Also, some of the audience learned that not so long ago a man changed his name before he was Garaev, and now Hecate.

“The name I have not changed. I got her back. But it is understood only by those who know our culture,” said the man “StarHit”.