Участнику «Битвы экстрасенсов» грозит тюремный срок Arseniy Karaj can go to jail for 10 years. In the Network distributed information that the magician needs financial assistance to pay lawyers. At the moment he is in jail.
Участнику «Битвы экстрасенсов» грозит тюремный срок

Member of the fifteenth season of “Battle of psychics” Arseniy Karaca was in a bad situation. As it became known, the magician of St. Petersburg is suspected of committing a crime. In one of the social networks circulated a post in which you said that already 1.5 months 29-year-old psychic is in jail. Judging by the message, it has no funds for lawyers. As noted by one of the users of the social network, about the difficult situation told his mother, Irina Raven.

“Arseniy Karaca – kind, talented, nice guy, a finalist for the fifteenth season of “Battle of psychics” is in trouble and needs your help. The coincidence of adverse circumstances, he was arrested and for the past 1.5 months is in jail, awaiting trial. The young man is threatened by imprisonment for a period of 10 years. At the same time, the possibility to pay the lawyer of the family of Arseniy no. Help a good man together, because he often treated needy people for free, and now he himself needed help. To counsel, taking into account the protection of Arseniy the court required 170 000 rubles”, – said in the recording.
Участнику «Битвы экстрасенсов» грозит тюремный срок

Earlier it was reported that Arseniy detained trying to leave the stolen items from the Mall of St. Petersburg. As a result of the search, he found drugs, which the detainee called “magic salt.” It was a two criminal cases. He was under house arrest, and then suddenly disappeared. Later he was detained in one of apartments of St. Petersburg.

Many believe that Arseniy illegally to earn a living, because each of his moves was worth about 30 thousand rubles. However, other netizens pointed out: psychic sometimes helping people for free.

Recall, Arseniy Karaj is considered an expert in Wushu and modern dance. A psychic told me that is familiar with dark magic and also light. But he always chose the side of light. About their abilities the young man is still not covered. With the Wushu Arseniy Karaca manages his energy that allows him to see the past and the future. Earlier, the magician was married, but about half a year ago had divorced his wife.