Участник «Битвы экстрасенсов» лишил бабушку жилья A novel Fad implicated in the scandal, which emerged in his family because of the housing issue after the death of the famous psychic. A man communicates with his grandmother and refuses to pay for her debt, citing the fact that he had no such money.

      Участник «Битвы экстрасенсов» лишил бабушку жилья

      The son of a finalist in the third season of the show “Battle of psychics” Alexey fad the novel was involved in the scandal. According to some, he refuses to help her grandmother to pay the debt. Problems in the family began after the death of Alexis.

      Recall that Fad, Sr. died suddenly of a heart attack in a hotel in Marmaris on the day of his 50th anniversary. He is survived by a single mother and 82-year-old pensioner Liane Beebe. After the incident with Alex her grandson Roman renounced an elderly woman, stopping with her all communication. Liana lost inheritance and a flat where he lived all his life.

      After the funeral of Alexey fad, the question arose about the division of the inheritance. Before he died, he bought a huge apartment in Moscow with an area of 128 sq. m. the accommodation claimed his mother Liana, two children and the wife of Alex, on which were recorded the main part of the apartment. Pensioner confronted with difficulties: she needed money for the operation, a sick husband, so she wanted to sell his share of the inheritance, but the wife of Alex was against.

      “Then the grandson of Roma found a realtor and a potential buyer of the apartment, and offered to make a deal with them: he draws his share in the apartment deed, and my granddaughter sell. In this case, consent to the sale from the fourth owner, wife’s son, not required. The documents were all right. As I explained, it is legal, but the money grandson for his share of course took. The receipt for them I wrote, then I did not think that his grandson will be able to substitute, and I’ll be left with nothing…”, – with bitterness remembers the pensioner.

      Since then, the family began the scandals over space, which reached the proceedings before the court. Thus the wife of the late Alexei took the apartment. Spouse Creeper Beebe was unable to recover and died shortly thereafter. The elderly woman was accused of fraud and forced to refund the money received for her share. Also with the Vines require to pay the debt of the Novel to 750 thousand rubles. The woman want to take for non-payment of the room in which she lives.

      A novel Fad does not communicate with the grandmother and says openly that after his father’s death he was “an orphan”.

      “The money to repay her the debt I have, I feed my family — wife and daughter. A grandmother’s fault that it all turned out, I had to take the receipt immediately but not show how it is legally illiterate. I don’t care how she going to live,” – said the psychic-characterniki Life.ru.

      It is noteworthy that his services are very expensive. The starting price for the reception at Fada – about 15 thousand rubles. However, hereditary witch continues to deny the presence of impressive cash savings to deal with debt.

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