Пародия звезды Comedy Woman на Ольгу Бузову взорвала Интернет Marina Fedunkiv was inspired by a video of a famous leader. The Joker decided to follow the example of Olga Buzova and came up with a new character, which removes commercials in the style of famous blondes. The opinions of fans were divided – someone appreciated the sense of humor of the actress, and someone did not like the creativity of the participant Comedy Woman.

      Actress of theatre and cinema Marina Fedunkiv known to viewers as a woman with a fine sense of humor. In the show Comedy Woman she is one of the brightest participants. In the TV series “Real boys” actress played the mother of the protagonist, and then her strong image of fairly simple woman from the hinterland.

      The famous TV hostess of reality show “Dom-2” Olga Buzova often places in the microblog is a short video about his life. Apparently, entertaining footage Fedunkiw so inspired that she decided to parody a famous blonde. The idea of Marina’s, her character takes the example of the popular “Instagram” stars and shows its reality. The actress was warned that she had no purpose to harm or make fun Buzova.

      “Instustrial Musawa or Erotically. The second series in the animal world. PS. This instustrial – not trying to offend anyone or hurt. This is a story about my own character – Musou, which, inspired by the work of well-known television presenter, my Muse and my idol, began to make their own video to try to live the life of a celebrity and to teach others,” explained star Comedy Woman.

      Parody of the actress attracted a huge number of views and comments. Many people shared funny videos with your friends. Followers vividly reacted to the publication of the Marina and even gave some tips.

      “Marina, eyes need to blink,” “Marina, another video! At Buzova a lot of such funny commercials”, “about Volochkova?! That’s where the work no end”, “Marinochka, record more videos like this, they give a lot of positive emotions. You are very cool, I wish you health,” wrote fans.

      However, not everyone appreciated the humor of a famous actress. Some felt it was a very disappointing short video. They came to the defense of Buzova, saying that in the video there is nothing witty. “That’s not funny, like a grown woman, and such stupid things. You say you don’t want to offend anyone, although by doing so you expose Olga’s silly, but it is ugly on your part. Then don’t watch her videos if you are not satisfied with something”, “Leave Olga Buzova. Think of something else,” wrote a disgruntled polzovali social networks.

      Olga herself has not responded to the recent online video.

      Video posted by Marina Fedunkiv (@marina_phedunkiv) Jul 17 2016 12:39 PDT

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