Parker stole the dress design from “Sex in the city”

Паркер украла дизайн платья из «Секс в большом городе»

The actress once again demonstrated its design skills, creating a capsule collection for American Department store Bloomingdale’s.

First Sarah Jessica Parker shared the happy occasion with your followers on Instagram by posting herself in the first dress of her own design. Now the network got the picture from lookbook. It the actress posing in a little black dress in the style of Carrie Bradshaw. Sure, this iconic character certainly would not refuse from buying this dress… Wait a minute, but she already has a similar dress! In one episode Carrie looked wonderful in a very similar little black dress with pleating.

In fairness it should be noted that the toilet design Sarah Jessica Parker from the capsule of the line LBD, looks a little more restrained and simple than his on-screen clone. The hem of the dress is decorated with tiered ruffles, and the bodice has a very sleek design. In any case, Sarah Jessica clearly drew inspiration in the dressing room of one of the most stylish TV characters of our time!

Price debut creations Actresses will be about $ 400. To buy it will be possible in offline and in online stores Bloomingdale’s. The rest of the capsule collection will go on sale in the spring of 2017.