Paris Jackson worries that her brother’s Blanket lives without a guardian

Пэрис Джексон переживает, что её брат Бланкет живёт без опекуна

Paris Jackson, the only daughter of Michael Jackson, was seriously concerned about the life of his younger brother Blanket, who in his fifteen years living on his own with no due to him by will of his father, guardian.

Пэрис Джексон переживает, что её брат Бланкет живёт без опекуна
According to the will of Michael, the guardian of the boy was his sister rabbie’s, but that does not help the boy, but intriguing, setting up his mother Katherine, Michael’s mother, against her own grandchildren. So, from the day of his arrival from London, Catherine has not found the opportunity to meet with their grandchildren, and she is in America for more than two weeks!
Blanket lives in his grandmother’s house in Calabasas, and one at the beginning of January went to London to his daughter Janet, who gave birth to first child. After returning she stopped at the very rabbie’s, so the teenager actually lives by himself for three months. Sometimes come to him uncle T. J. and his wife, but this, according to Paris, is not enough.

She believes that rabbie’s and other children Catherine configure the grandmother against grandchildren of their own Mercantile reasons. As evidence is the recent claim of the mother of the singer, in which she demands to expand his powers and to be able to manage the estate of Michael. This is contrary to the will of Jackson, which stated that for such attempt, he can lose all the inheritance of the son.