Пэрис Джексон поддержала своего крестного отца Маколея Калкина на съемках его шоу

After the disturbing news of Paris Jackson in which the media had read about the poor state of the star, alcohol addiction and even a suicide attempt, the paparazzi are closely watching every step of the 20-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson. The night before the star once again caught in the company of her boyfriend together with her lover, the artist visited the shooting show her godfather Macaulay Culkin.

Пэрис Джексон поддержала своего крестного отца Маколея Калкина на съемках его шоу

The paparazzi photographed the girl and her boyfriend Glenn at the time of exit from the Studio, where there are shooting a new release of podcast-show 38-year-old Macaulay Culkin, who is godfather to Paris. The star reappeared in the image of hippies, and on her head she had rabbit ears. The choice of this accessory could surprise fans of girls, but he was selected not just. Ears are an attribute of a podcast show Kalkin Bunny Ears.

The stars are now closer than ever, because they have a common opinion about the film’s release Leaving Neverland” (Neverland Leaving), in which Jackson is accused of pedophilia. Macaulay and Paris supported a loved one, denying all charges. “He wanted to communicate with me, because I was going on a lot of things, I came down the glory. We were real friends in the simplest sense of the word. People are questioning this friendship, because he was the most popular person on the planet! No one in my Catholic school, and had no idea what situation I had to go, and Michael was one of those people who experienced exactly the same thing, and he just wanted to make sure that I don’t feel alone,” said Macaulay about his communication with the king of the pop scene.

Earlier in the Los Angeles premiere of “Mud” (The Dirt), which tells the story of how Motley Crue became one of the most popular rock bands in history. Following his style, Paris could not appear at the event and even picked up scandalously famous boyfriend Gabriel Glenn, who according to some relatives of the star a bad influence on her.

Jackson appeared in the rock: black jeans, t-shirts and black leather jackets with studs. Finished your look with bright eye makeup and lots of different beads. The actress posed for photographers, he behaved with restraint and smiled.

Earlier media reported about the alcoholism of the stars, which she had to seek help from professionals. As reported by the newspaper, Paris had to go to a rehab facility for “emotional state”. Star is tired of the constant attention and work, so I decided to take a break and relax, while adjusting the mental and physical health. Meanwhile, the publication Radar Online reports that the reason was not just fatigue, and alcoholism. The young girl already had problems with drugs and even wanted to commit suicide.

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