Пэрис Джексон о попытке суицида

Week in the news there have been reports that the daughter of music legend Michael Jackson Paris was hospitalized due to a suicide attempt, but after a couple of days, the star appeared together with her boyfriend at the premiere of the film. The star herself has previously spoken on this subject and vehemently denied news! The idea that the news sites are speculating a suicide attempt, haunted Paris, which she again spoke about this.

Пэрис Джексон о попытке суицида

Paris wrote a message in the account in Twitter, which suggested that the news of the suicide was caused by her calm reaction to the release of the film “Leaving Neverland”, which reveals the theme of pedophilia. “They just don’t get my crazy reactions to the film. Seeing my calm, they came up with this false story, which would be good PR for the film. It’s a pity,” said the daughter of the king of the pop scene.

Indeed, the reaction to the release of the film Paris was calm, and she spoke on the subject only once: “In fact, I have not made any statements, especially about how this story affects my life. Know that injustice is freaking out and causing an emotional outburst, but sensible and calm assessment more logical than the reaction in the heat of passion. Better to relax… have a Smoke and look at the big picture”.

“Really believe that they have a chance to defeat Michael? Relax and calm down,” said Paris.

Paris herself to develop unpleasant subject is not going to, until her cousin Taj defends the good name of the king of the pop scene in the press. the girl thanked her brother, but said that part of this is going.

Recall that recently the star noticed, the Studio is her godfather. The paparazzi photographed the girl and her boyfriend Glenn at the time of exit from the Studio, where there are shooting a new release of podcast-show 38-year-old Macaulay Culkin. The star reappeared in the image of hippies, and on her head she had rabbit ears. The choice of this accessory could surprise fans of girls, but he was selected not just. Ears are an attribute of a podcast show Kalkin Bunny Ears.

The stars are now closer than ever, because they have a common opinion about the film’s release Leaving Neverland” (Neverland Leaving), in which Jackson is accused of pedophilia. Macaulay and Paris supported a loved one, denying all charges. “He wanted to communicate with me, because I was going on a lot of things, I came down the glory. We were real friends in the simplest sense of the word. People are questioning this friendship, because he was the most popular person on the planet! No one in my Catholic school, and had no idea what situation I had to go, and Michael was one of those people who experienced exactly the same thing, and he just wanted to make sure that I don’t feel alone,” said Macaulay about his communication with the king of the pop scene.

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