Пэрис Джексон дала матери силы бороться с раком

For several weeks the only daughter of the king of pop Michael Jackson, Paris is at home. the girl returned to his father’s house because of her mother Debbie Rowe fighting with cancer. And although their relationship was often not clear, but now eighteen-year-old daughter framed mother’s shoulder.

Every morning Debbie Rowe begins with a Cup of coffee and a whole list of things she needs to do. Ex-wife of Michael Jackson and the mother of his two children is currently undergoing another course of chemotherapy. In an interview with ET she told us that her daughter is her number one support.
About his illness, Debbie learned quite by accident. During the ordinary examination, the doctor advised to undergo an ultrasound examination, then that row and learned his terrible diagnosis.
“My doctor told me that treatment will be difficult and lengthy. I had a lot of biopsies, laboratory tests, I even had to lumpectomy” said Debbie, and added that just learning of her diagnosis, she contacted the daughter, who up to this time remains the main support.
“My daughter is incredible. She was with me the whole time. I can’t tell you how much I loved her. We speak with her on any topic, about music, about life. If not for my daughter and not friends, I’d be dead already..
Chemo does anything to deprive you of femininity. You are losing hair, eyelashes, eyebrows. I wear a wig, I’m still a woman and still a human” — said Debbie.