Paris Hilton’s new boyfriend — new image

Paris Hilton's new boyfriend — new image
The famous blonde has ceased to be myself.

Paris Hilton

Photo: @parishilton/Instagram

Paris Hilton has shocked his fans. Case
is that the famous blonde had suddenly become … a brunette! She has informed its
fans, laying out the series of photos with the dark hair. “The world turned upside down! Grass
should be green, sky — blue, and Paris is blonde!” — commented
amazement at the sudden transformation 36-year-old Hilton one of admirers. However,
some of the subscribers microblog Paris, where she posted pictures like what you see.

An unexpected change of image of Paris bound,
most likely, with her new novel. After all
no wonder they say: “the New hair new
life!” And since Hilton started Dating Chris Silkey in her
life, she says, everything changed. “In the face of Chris, I finally found my
a kindred spirit…” enthused Paris. And Silka agree with her. He does not get tired
to lavish his favorite compliments. “Paris is beautiful and perfect for every
day. And every day is becoming
better! She is my “second half” — he said during his
a recent interview.

As told to Hilton, she was friends with Chris
for a long time. But the romance between them
began just a few months ago. That they meet, has become
known in February, when Hilton started posting in his microblog on them
joint photo. Since then, their relationship has seen significant progress:
Paris has already hinted that it is ready to communicate with Silkou his life and wants to give birth to
his child.