Paris Hilton on the postponement of the wedding and desire to have a child

Пэрис Хилтон о переносе свадьбы и желании иметь ребенка

Socialite Paris Hilton has achieved success not only in career but also family life. She is in a relationship with Chris Silkey and even was preparing to celebrate a wedding. According to the network, the celebration was planned lush. However, the designer and the singer had to postpone the wedding for next year, as her career began to sparkle in the bowl with your family life. In an interview with DailyMail, the socialite spoke about the future celebration and the desire to have children.

Пэрис Хилтон о переносе свадьбы и желании иметь ребенка

“My schedule now is so crazy… I just released his 24th scent, are going to hold promotional tour in Mexico, Malaysia, Australia, UAE… I’m going to fly around the world in the next two months. Combine it with the wedding planning — real stress,” like that of Paris confirmed the postponement of the wedding on 2019. I hope that next year, the singer cut a little space in the schedule.

According to Paris, she urgently need something to do with her career, because she’s ready to be a mom! With the advent of the baby singer will have a lot of time to devote to family and to abandon many of the usual cases. “I recently spent time in new York with my sister, every day playing with my niece and nephew and realized that I can’t wait when my kids are born. I love children.”

Back to the wedding. Earlier it became known that the couple sold the rights to broadcast the wedding celebration television, and the wedding was planned Royal proportions. But soon mom Paris said that all this is just rumors. “No doubt Paris will want to share it with the fans, but the whole ceremony will not be shown on television. Cameras will not be allowed in the Church,” said Kathy Hilton.

“They were going to get married in November, but then decided to move in may. Paris needs more time for planning and organization,” — said the insider.

In early January of this year, Hollywood actor Chris Zylka made a proposal to his beloved Paris Hilton. “I said Yes! I’m so happy and so thrilled that you’re engaged to the love of my life. My best friend and soul mate. The perfect man for me in every sense. Incredibly loyal, trustworthy, loving and kind. I was the luckiest in the world! You’re my dream that came true! Thank you for showing me that fairy tale exists.” Paris wrote on instagram. As previously reported by the star, the event will be held in three different locations: America, Europe and tropical jungle.

How then told the pair close to the source, the main ceremony will be held on November 11 in California Church Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly hills. Chose this place to Paris not just because in 1979 there took place the wedding of her parents — Richard and Katie. By the way, their wedding was also held in November. Chris Zylka for the favorite and even planned to become a Catholic. “Paris and Chris really want children and are already planning the replenishment for the next year, so it’s important they have one religion.”

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