Paris Hilton lit in the night club Odessa

Пэрис Хилтон зажгла в ночном клубе Одессы 35-year-old socialite arrived in Ukraine to take polutorochasovoj DJ set at the opening of the new winter season in the institution “Ministerium”. For the participation of young celebrities, the event organizer had to pay tens of thousands of dollars.

      Home “blonde in chocolate” arrived in Odessa with some delay. According to insiders, the heir to a family hotel business arrived on a Charter flight. Due to problems encountered at the airport, brought her to the club later than planned. Despite the bad weather, hundreds of people awaited the arrival of Hilton in front of the entrance to the school. She came on the scene in the morning.

      Judging by the photos from the club, who actively published netizens, a young woman spent behind the DJ booth a little over an hour, but she talked a lot with the audience and managed to the delight of the fans to show their singing talents, performing popular hit songs. One of the leading places of Odessa was completely adapted to the performance artist. Gogol street, which turned secular party, was blocked by cars, and the road was limited.

      In recognition of the owners of a night institution, Ryder, Paris Hilton has been modest. She indicated in the mandatory list only a few bottles of fizzy drink. It should be emphasized that the star settled in one of the most expensive hotels in the city not far from the club – in a historic building of the hotel “Bristol”. Night in the apartment cost over one thousand euros.

      In front of the place where it was supposed to performance of Hilton, have rolled out the red carpet. It was felt that the guests will not be able to communicate with the star or at least make her a picture together because she arrived on a black car, accompanied by groups of bodyguards. However, in the club blonde signed autographs, took pictures and was set up as friendly. The crowd included local stars who also did not hesitate “satellites” with a glamorous DJ.

      According to local publications, people gathered to watch Paris Hilton from all over Ukraine and even from some other countries. That’s why all the tables were reserved long before the arrival of the celebrity and the price of them was up to 20 thousand hryvnia. After the speech, Paris immediately went to your room in the morning to fly to another country. She had planned a trip to Serbia, where she had to present his program. Obviously, what to see Odessa attractions, it still failed.

      “It was evident that the star was in a hurry, and let her go to the podium. Having ascended to the place of the DJ, from Paris he settled in and got into the rhythm. All rushed to the scene to satellites on the background of the Hilton. A few songs, a kiss, and Arrivederci,” the local media reported.