Paris Hilton is preparing to give birth to the elect

Пэрис Хилтон готовится родить ребенка от своего избранника
The novel “the most famous blonde” is developing at breakneck speed.

Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka

Photo: @parishilton Instagram Paris Hilton

36-year-old socialite Paris Hilton claims that
she had never been so happy. Her affair with Chris Silkey, 31-year-old
actor, star of the popular series “Left behind”, “Hannah Montana” and “City
Cougar”, is developing rapidly.

Although the Lav-con Hilton and Silky started a couple of months
ago, as it turned out, she knows her beloved for a long time. “I never
still nothing was so certain in my life, like in a relationship with Chris. It
amazing guy in all respects. We were friends for a very long time
six years before our relationship became romantic. And it is absolutely
changed my life, making me quite happy. With Chris I feel
in complete safety. I was with him so well that I just can’t even dream of
about something bigger!” said Paris in
his recent interview.

Moreover, having fallen in love with Silko, Hilton finally decided
that it’s time for her to have a baby. “Before I was all the time busy with business and thought
what I’ll never have enough time to start a family. But
after my sister Nicky gave birth to a perfectly charming daughter
Lily, who has completely charmed me, I realized that I really want to have
children. And now that I’m so happy and in love, just can’t wait
when I face my beloved child!” confessed Hilton.

Recall that before Silky, Paris almost two years met with
businessman Thomas gross, but last spring they broke up. Gossips claimed
then, Hilton has dumped her boyfriend without waiting for suggestions from him.