Paris Hilton is getting married

Пэрис Хилтон выходит замуж Actress, socialite and reality TV star announced that it is engaged. Her boyfriend, actor Chris Zylka made beauty offer in aspen. And she said Yes, she told its subscribers in Instagram.

About the novel Paris Hilton with actor and model Chris Zylka became known almost a year ago, in February 2017. Young people spotted holding hand at the airport in new York, and they didn’t try to hide, to hide their feelings for each other, and almost smiled who flew from all directions photographers. The next day Paris herself posted a selfie with Chris. And signed them enthusiastically: “the Best feeling is when someone looks at you like a miracle.”

This year the Hilton and Silka were inseparable They were together, for example, in March in Mexico, he accompanied her on business trips – flew from Paris to Moscow for the presentation of the new winter collections of their brand. Lovers and then publicly demonstrated their passionate relationship. He filled in honor of the chosen one tattoo – “You are my fairy Princess,” she signed every joint photo, do not skimp on emotion: “Never thought I’d find someone who fit me perfectly! Someone who will make me so happy, I didn’t even dream to be!”.

Christmas and new year holidays in Paris and Chris also spent together. Went to the famous ski resort in aspen. It was there that Zylka proposed to sweetheart. Right on the mountain, in a ski suit, a young man got down on one knee and brought a beauty to marry. She said, “Yes!”.

“I said, “Yes!” I’m so happy to be engaged to the love of my life. You’re my best friend and soul mate. Perfect! Such loving, such a heart! I was the luckiest girl in the world! You’re my dream come true. Thank you for showing me – tales do exist!”, signed Paris photo.

Fans congratulated Paris and wished her to hurry to get married. Recently, actress and businesswoman admitted that she dreams of finally becoming a mother. Ms. Hilton in February will be 38 years old, she was not married, but has repeatedly made proposals hands and hearts. In 2002, the star was engaged to Jason Shaw, two years later announced her engagement to the heir of Greek shipowners by Paris Latsia, then met with singer Nick Carter, Greek millionaire Stavros Niarhos, guitarist Badges Madden.

Chris Zylka 32 years, actor, remembered for the series “Left behind”, too bright hero of gossip among his ex-girlfriends are beauty Hollywood: actress Lucy Hale and model Hanna Beth, engagement party, which were terminated almost three years ago.

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