Пэрис Хилтон  запланировала сразу три свадьбы со своим любимым
The boyfriend of socialite couldn’t hold back the tears, making her an offer.

Пэрис Хилтон  запланировала сразу три свадьбы со своим любимым

Paris Hilton


From the moment her boyfriend, 32-year-old actor Chris Zylka made her
offer, Paris Hilton resides in the seventh heaven of happiness and, it seems, can now only think of their impending wedding. She admitted she would like
to become a married lady the sooner the better. “I have long dreamed about family and
very soon now, will finally be able to start a new Chapter of my life!” —
said 36-year-old Hilton.

As it turned out, Paris, which has long been
builds in their dreams of marital plans is not going to be
only one wedding. “I would like no less than two and better three. After all
on the occasion of my 21st birthday, I had five separate parties,
and it was perfect. Now I want
to one of my wedding with Chris took place somewhere in Europe, the other in
America. And another one for other friends living around the world!” —
said Hilton. And her new fiancé added: “soon we
a meeting already scheduled with the parents to Paris, and then we will decide everything

The engagement Hilton and Silky it became known about a week ago the Curious,
that as admitted Chris Zylka when he proposed to his beloved, then was so worried that I couldn’t
to hold back the tears. As previously reported, on the occasion of betrothal, Chris gave Paris
stunning diamond ring pear shaped $ 2 million,
which brought her to a perfect delight. But while Hilton and appreciated the beauty
gift a loved one with the moment the ring graced her finger, she seriously
attended to their safety. So Paris even hired additional
bodyguard, to protect yourself and your preciousness from attempts

Recall:with the handsome Chris Silkey, star of the popular
series “Left behind”, “Hannah Montana” and “Cougar Town” Paris is just the beginning
Dating in early 2017, and they soon became almost inseparable. Since
since Hilton does not get tired of praising her fiance, “Chris was my soul mate. I
never met anyone I felt so protected,
who would take care of me and was so loyal to me…” says Paris.

Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka