Пэрис Хилтон потеряла помолвочное кольцо с 20-каратным бриллиантом

The engagement and approaching family life has not changed a lover of social events and clubs, Paris Hilton. Along with fiancé Chris Silkey she went on another trip to night clubs, which almost culminated in the loss of a wedding ring. During dances with her lover Paris noticed how her gentle fingers slid the expensive ring with 20-carat diamond.

Пэрис Хилтон потеряла помолвочное кольцо с 20-каратным бриллиантом

Discovered the theft, Chris, as a gentleman, immediately began a search for a ring. All stood on the ears and searched for the jewel, including the security service of the club. “Security checked the entire VIP lounge. People were crawling about the floor, under the feet of visitors, under the tables, moved the chairs,” – says an eyewitness edition of PageSix.

But the loss came soon and she was in the ice bucket at the next table. To detect the ring was difficult, but luck was on the side of the future newlyweds. “It’s amazing that they even found him among the ice cubes. Paris sighed with relief when the ring back on the finger,” said the insider.

On the engagement of Paris announced on his instagram. Zilka did not skimp on the engagement ring and spent half a million pounds. Told about this jewelry designer Michael green. “Paris told him that she really like diamond for her mother, made in the shape of a pear. When Chris came to me, it was his main request,” says green about the choice of ring.

The decoration was made just a couple of days. When it is time to evaluate the work of a goldsmith, Chris is clearly very nervous. “He really wanted to take the ring before they go to aspen because I wanted to make a suggestion there. When he opened the box, it literally started to shake,” says the master.

Silke decided to give Paris a real surprise. He carefully concealed the ring fabrication. “He wanted to make everything perfect. He wants the best for his Princess. He told me that he will ask hands Paris her father. And he did it,” added green.
The actor was able to surprise your beloved, which you can see by the reaction of Paris. “I said Yes! I’m so happy and so thrilled that you’re engaged to the love of my life. My best friend and soul mate. The perfect man for me in every sense. Incredibly loyal, trustworthy, loving and kind. I was the luckiest in the world! You’re my dream that came true! Thank you for showing me that fairy tale exists.” Paris wrote on instagram.

The social network Paris put a series of photos that show almost second-by-second joy of the season.