Пэрис Хилтон считает дни до рождения племянницы

It’s so exciting that she can’t hide her feelings. Famous blonde Paris Hilton from day to day will be the aunt: her sister Nicky Rustled here-here should give birth to her first child – a daughter. They have long been celebrated baby-shower, and the famous blonde admits that counting the days before the advent of the nieces born.
“This will happen very soon, this month. We are all counting the days and can’t wait for our little girl. We are so excited. I look forward to when going aunt. This is my first time in life, and our whole family is very worried” — said Paris.

Earlier, Hilton has admitted to journalists that from the moment she learned the baby’s gender Nicki, going shopping has become much easier.
“Every time I go to the children’s boutique, I can’t go out without a heap of children’s clothes, dresses, toys. I have been buying some so many tiny shoes, dresses and everything else.. From the moment I learned that it is a girl, it became easier to pick up gifts” — said Paris.
Recall that Nicky Hilton was married to James Rothschild in July 2015. The wedding ceremony took place at Kensington Palace.

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