Paris Hilton broke up with her boyfriend

Пэрис Хилтон рассталась с бойфрендом

After a year of relationship famous blonde Paris Hilton broke up with Thomas gross. But more recently, inspired by the happy marriage of his sister, the heiress to the million itself was getting married.

For the first time Paris had met Thomas at the Cannes film festival. Between them was a spark and started a hot romance. A man fell in love with the blonde that she began to call him her “soul mate”. In an interview with a glossy publications Hilton told me that Thomas is very different from those of men with whom she had been earlier.
“He is very modest and like privacy. Camera, plaguing us everywhere, its annoying.. I Have a lot of work. When I come home, I have no time for reality shows. I prefer to cook dinner for my beloved man and watch a movie with him.. Thomas – my soul mate, I’ve never been happier. He does not need glory, he needed me,” said Paris in an interview in November last year. Very sorry.

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