Paris Hilton believes that invented the selfie

Пэрис Хилтон считает, что изобрела селфи

The Queen of selfies today believes Kim Kardashian. The star of the reality show “Family Kardashian” got the hand in this case and even managed to monetize it: Kim has repeatedly given master classes how to do a selfie and they were a huge success.

But the founder of a selfie is still not Kim, her recently sworn friend of Paris Hilton.

In an interview with reporters WMagazine Paris admitted that a passion for samfoto she was born in childhood, because she thinks she’s the ancestor of the modern trend.

“If my pager had a camera, I’d be doing with her self, she said in an interview, and then agreed with the assumption that it invented the format of the photo. — I think I have a selfie from childhood, made using disposable camera or something”.