Пэрис Хилтон и Ким Кардашьян помирились спустя 10 лет

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton for many years and became friends, which later transformed into hostility. Former best friends didn’t communicate for about 10 years and now, 2016 changed everything. And, almost at the end.

Christmas party hosted by the Kardashian family, took place in the presence of Paris, which immediately gave the journalist a reason to talk about reconciliation and to think about what provoked him.

Many secular observers agreed that most likely it happened due to the Paris robbery Kardashian during which she had stolen jewels worth 11 million dollars.

Kim was a revaluation of values, and she decided to bury the hatchet, who all this time interfere with the communication of two socialite.

Recall that initially, the world knew about Kim Kardashian thanks to Paris. Girls were very good friends. Kim often appeared with a blonde woman at various parties and fall on the pages of fashion magazines. But when a scandalous sex tape leaked, Paris allowed to speak to the Kim is very rough, then the girls stopped to chat and did a fight.