Пэрис Хилтон призналась, что помешало ей стать такой же, как Принцесса Диана
36-year-old heiress and a businesswoman told how scandalous video hindered the realization of her dreams.

Paris Hilton


36-year-old Paris Hilton has admitted that since the childhood dreamed to be like Princess Diana. To become a “real Princess” Paris, she said, prevented the ill-fated sex tape, which without her knowledge was published by the then boyfriend of 18-year-old Paris — a 33-year-old music Manager Rick Salomon. The scandal then broke out huge. Paris filed a treacherous lover (of course he earned money on it) in court, months without leaving the house, felt humiliated and insulted, fell into a severe depression.

“I’ll regret it my whole life. I wish I never met him. I since the childhood with delight and admired Princess Diana and these women, like her. But after the scandal I don’t want to be taken seriously. I was condemned, I did not trust, did not believe in my abilities. And all because of this video, which captures only the time of my intimate intercourse with her boyfriend, which no one except the two of us, do not touch”. Since then, says Paris, none of its achievements and successes are not working as she would like. But she’s trying and not sitting idle. Although the granddaughter and heiress of a billionaire could enjoy a privileged lifestyle and nothing to worry about.

But Paris, contrary to the opinion of many, not a quitter. She created 18 different lines of clothing, accessories and perfume. Only one bottle of her perfume sold for about $ 3 billion dollars! And it opened its first property and plans to develop this business. Not to mention the fact that Paris Hilton is the highest paid DJ in the world! “I’m serious adult woman who is engaged in business. And believe me, I do not easily get. I know the price of everything. It is a pity that few people believe in it. Only those people who know me personally.”