Родители Стеши Маликовой готовят ее к трудной жизни Mom explains to the girl from an early age that you need to chew the earth. Dmitry Malikov and his wife Elena strongly against idleness. His daughter Stephanie, they are from infancy taught that she must work while others sleep or rocking the clubs.

      Родители Стеши Маликовой готовят ее к трудной жизни

      Parents Stasi Malikova, a famous composer and singer Dmitry Malikov and his charming wife Elena revealed the secret of the upbringing of a successful person, which, of course, can be attributed to their daughter. Celebrity couple categorically opposed to an idle lifestyle, but because their heir from a young age, learned that it takes hard work. His methods Dmitry and Elena said in interview to the program of the First channel “While all houses”. Dad and mom Stephanie absolutely do not give her to relax, believe that it is dangerous for a successful person.

      “She was from infancy a farmer. We have a woman, so she asks us: well, when you allow Stesha rest? She only eats and somewhere on the way to class, Elena Malikova. – I often say daughter’s work while others are sleeping, resting, light, and achieve results. If you just relax you immediately and sweep your place are about to face the other man. Around a lot of talented people, a real workaholic. A lot of guys come from the periphery, and they are ready to gnaw the ground. And well done. Yes, they are not our refined children who were born with a Golden spoon in your mouth…”

      It is worth noting that the popularity of Stephanie Malikova, the Network broke all the records – a beautiful woman almost half a million subscribers, and in recognition of 16-year-old ahead of his famous father. Stephanie often shares pictures, telling us about her beautiful life, so many the impression that the everyday life of the heiress of the famous family consist of dances, shopping trips to expensive resorts. But this is not so. Stesha Malikova has proved that it is CIT

      To Stephanie it easier to determine the future profession, parents gave her the opportunity to try yourself in different areas. And they never wanted their daughter left to study abroad. Stesha Malikova is now preparing to enroll at MGIMO school of international journalism. To achieve its goal, according to Stasi, she works for seventeen hours a day.

      “We could not afford to send Stephanie to study in any country – continues to Elena Malikova. But my child has to live with me. All we give her here. I don’t want to give it to some other people’s hands and then to the strange by-product. My husband and I believe that more than give parents, family, one child will not give.”