Parents Rudkovskaya wary about her affair with Plushenko

Родители Рудковской настороженно отнеслись к ее роману с Плющенко Future father-in-law and mother-in-law son-in-law checked on the seriousness of the intentions. Mother Yana Rudkovskaya confessed that he tried to dissuade the daughter from a relationship with a guy who’s seven years younger than her. But then I realized that her pleas are meaningless, and lost.
Родители Рудковской настороженно отнеслись к ее роману с Плющенко

The program of the First channel “Tonight” this Saturday was dedicated to the beautiful family and creative Duo of Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko. A couple this year celebrates a decade of their relationship. Not long ago, the husband and wife were married.

To congratulate the star of the spouses in the Studio for the programme came from their friends, colleagues on show-to business, children and just very close friends. Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko over the years managed to prove that their Union is strong and harmonious. But it turns out that there were people who doubted that these relationships will be successful. Parents of Yana Rudkovskaya, Pope Alexander Evgenevich, a military pilot and mother, Svetlana Nikolaevna, doctor-neurologist, admitted that he is not immediately able to appreciate the choice of his daughter.

Родители Рудковской настороженно отнеслись к ее роману с Плющенко“When I learned about my Wife, I was just confused – remember the times meeting future son-in-law Svetlana Rudkovskaya. – Because Jana’s two children, boys who need a male hand. And Zhenya – son. It turns out, three children are left abandoned. He walked away from Egor, and you will take his children Yana – is the question. So I negotiated with Jana: think about what it would be like what. Called the Wife, think she had two kids, if you can be their friend. I didn’t tell father.”
Родители Рудковской настороженно отнеслись к ее роману с Плющенко

Evgeni Plushenko confirmed that in the beginning of Yana’s parents they were, indeed, differences. Yana Rudkovskaya noted that all the fears and worries her mother was related to the fact that the chosen daughter was about seven years younger than her.

“My wife was then 24 years old, and me – 31. In that period of my life I went on the courts with her ex-husband, mother was very worried,” – said Yana Rudkovskaya.

“But then I saw how the relationship develops, and realized that no one could hear me, said mother of the famous producer. – My requests and entreaties were unnecessary.”

As time has shown, the fears of parents they were in vain. Yevgeny Plushenko has found a common language with the children Yana, he takes part in the education of the eldest heir. The joy of grandma and grandpa and mom and dad in the star family grows up Sasha, who is four years.