Parents of Jeanne Friske met with the grandson

Родители Жанны Фриске увиделись с внуком

Finally the long-awaited meeting of the parents of the late singer Zhanna Friske with her one and only child of Plato. His impressions of the meeting shared the sister of actress Natalie.

A date with the baby passed on may 23, and it has confirmed to journalists Natalia. According to aunt Plato, he learned them. It is unknown how regular will these meetings, relatives of Joan’m afraid to predict it, so as not to jinx it, but the fact that they met with the baby, for them is an achievement.
With Plato Olga and Vladimir Kopylov visited the circus, held at the Great Moscow state circus on Vernadsky Prospekt. Obviously, the boy’s father Dmitry Shepelev went against their wishes and helped to reduce the child in a public place (earlier, he insisted that meetings should be held indoors in the presence of guards).
“Come to grandpa, gave him a hug, and grandma hugged and Natasha. All were very touched by this meeting. Plato said Vladimir Friske: “Grandpa, I remember you. Remember when you rode me in the car.” Vladimir Borisovich was happy to see my child” — said the lawyer of the family of Pink.
As it became known, the first meeting of baby and family of his dead mother, took place last weekend in the presence of his father, the psychologist and court bailiffs. Yet, following the court’s decision, Dmitry will allow Jeanne’s parents to see my grandson once a month. This adaptation period will last a year, after which meetings will be assigned often.
Recall that the absence of meetings with her grandson recently – not the only pressing problem Kopylov. Last week held a hearing where it considered the suit of the charity Fund “Rusfond” and the judge took the side of the plaintiff. Now Olga, Vladimir and the little talking about how people accept the inheritance of Joan (and its debts) have to pay in equal parts 21, 6 million rubles, which went missing from the accounts of the organization a few weeks before which Others, and about whose fate nothing is known.