Parents Dana Borisova grappled in the TV show

Родители Даны Борисовой сцепились в телешоу Father of TV presenter has accused ex-wife of her daughter’s problems. According to Alexander Aleksandrovicha, his ex-wife to blame on Dana Borisova from banned substances. Earlier in mass media appeared information about the fact that the star allegedly wanted to kill herself.
Родители Даны Борисовой сцепились в телешоу

Yesterday in mass media there was information that Dana Borisova deliberately took a large number of potent drugs. Later, the star denied this information, stating that she developed a cough in the nervous system. Leading now recovering at home. A situation in which Dana dedicated the next issue of “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.

Dana Borisova lost my voice because of nerves

Celebrity are unable to attend the filming. She got in touch with the Studio via Skype. Mom Dana Borisova Ekaterina Ivanovna has shared his experiences for his daughter. First, the woman assumed that her successor was a failure.

“Dana, I was not in the subject. I turned my phone off, as it was in the way. At first I thought that you had a breakdown. But as you know, the problem we have had, it can’t go anywhere. This is a chronic disease, we will recover entire life. But I am not scared when I found out about the alleged disruption,” shared the woman.
Родители Даны Борисовой сцепились в телешоу

Katherine said that will always help her daughter and would never abandon her. Dana’s mother expressed gratitude for the support, but said that she didn’t have a breakdown.

One of the participants of the program also became a father Borisova, Alexander Alexandrovich, who have not seen the daughter. The man said that Dana can always refer to it.

“I’m glad she has such friends. I think with them it can quickly get to his feet. What happened yesterday, was a shock for me. Honey, call me I will come at any time. I think you will support me. In all the troubles that you have been there, blame your mother, my ex-wife. Thanks to you, she is a drug addict… Mija, I’m sure you’ll be fine,” says the father of the presenter.

Mother Dana Borisova did not agree with the charges ex-wife. Katherine is extremely overreacted to the attacks of men and denied them.

According to the star father, Alexander Alexandrovich, leading if often seen with Pauline, she would be quickly recovered. However, Marina Gurov, a representative of the former civil husband of the star of Maxim Aksenov, said that he does not set limits on communication Borisova with the child. “He always wants to know whether Dana. This is the transmission gear – that Maxim allegedly prohibits”, – said the lawyer. Borisov expressed his disagreement with the position of a lawyer and joined her in a heated debate.