Parents and son Zhanna Friske will share the inheritance

Родители и сын Жанны Фриске разделят наследство The family of the singer and her common-law spouse Dmitry Shepelev as the official guardian of her son Plato came to the right of inheritance. However, how much money will be divided relatives Zhanna Friske, is still unknown.

      Родители и сын Жанны Фриске разделят наследство

      The scandal cash Zhanna Friske still does not subside. Close relatives now deceased artist has taken over the inheritance. To the parents of the singer, Vladimir Ivanov and Olga, and her three year old son Platon will move all property and money acquired by Jeanne. For the reason that Dmitry Shepelev was not official husband Friske, he cannot claim the inheritance of the mother of three of Plato. Despite the fact that Dmitry is the father of the boy, until he can dispose of what was left to his son after the death of the singer.

      “Yes, indeed, Dmitry Shepelev, as the legal guardian of Plato, as well as Jeanne’s parents came to the right of inheritance. About any specific amount too early to say. How much money and on what accounts was the singer remains to be seen. I do not exclude that this will help us law enforcement agencies”, – told the “StarHit” the family’s lawyer Friske.

      As it turned out, the artist had an apartment in the center of Moscow, the country house in the suburbs, as well as cash in different accounts. Now they rightfully belong to parents Jeanne and her heir to Plato.

      So far nothing is known about the fate of the money that was collected for treatment Janna the whole country. Report on the use of several million provided to “Rusfond” was not. Where could the money disappear, it now appears. Not yet able to determine who actually managed the account. Suspicion fell even mom Jeanne. Olga was in shock from such assumptions that it may be involved in the disappearance of money from the account. The woman was outraged by the accusations.

      Mother Zhanna Friske for the first time spoke about the missing millions

      “And now you accuse me, – has shared with “StarHit” Olga Friske. – And then who? Dogs?”

      Also we have solved the question of what conditions native Zhanna Friske can see with a little Plato. Now the boy lives with his father, and bring him up Shepeleva help parents and nannies. Vladimir Ivanov and Olga are demanding that they, too, were given the opportunity to see my favorite grandson. Native Friske and Dmitry for more than six months can not come to a common decision. A meeting of the court since late April has been postponed to June.

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