Pardon: Sharapova was allowed to return to court in six months

Помиловать: Шараповой разрешили вернуться на корт через полгода

She will be able to participate in tournaments at the end of April next year.

Court of arbitration for sport in Lausanne has reduced the sentence of our tennis player for nine months. Original 8 Jun Sharapova was suspended by the International tennis Federation (ITF) for two years for the use of Meldonium. The suspension was counted on January 26, 2016. On this day, after losing to Serena Williams in the quarterfinals of the Open championship of Australia she has passed a positive doping test. Because of this, Masha missed the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

In March, the tennis player said that took Meldonium almost 10 years on the advice of a family doctor and did not know about his inclusion in the number of banned by the world anti-doping Agency from January 1, 2016. For verification of all documents and lists, it was answered by an agent. But last year he got divorced, and he had no time to read emails of your client. In June, Sharapova has filed an appeal against the decision on the disqualification. And today the court issued its decision: Masha is back on the court on 26 April 2017.

“Worked excellent reputation Sharapova, in this situation, we should be happy with this result (it was assumed that Mary can go to the court earlier, in January 2017), – said the head of the Russian tennis Federation Shamil Tarpischev. — Will she return to the previous level – depends on it. But we want to play for the national team and won us the Olympics”.

Thus, Maria will be able to speak at the Open championship of France, which starts in Paris at the end of may 2017.

Tennis player commented on these events on his page in the social network:

“This March I had one of the worst days in my career when I learned of his disqualification, and now one of the happiest days – I have learned that I will be able to return to tennis in April. Felt like I took away something that I love, and now it’s nice to know that it will come back to me. Tennis is my passion, and I missed him. Counting the days until when I can get back on the court.

And I want to say to the fans, I thank you for what you have lived and breathed these long months with me. During this time learned the true meaning of the word “fan”, and I am so lucky to feel your support. I’ll be back soon and already can’t wait! With love, Mary.”