Paranoid George Clooney hired newborns personal protection

Параноик Джордж Клуни нанял новорожденным детям личную охрану

That Hollywood actor George Clooney takes too much to heart everything that concerns his children became known in the day of their birth, when a celebrity representative stated that the actor “was nervous, and he needs time to recover”. According to the publication, RadarOnline, paranoid George hired a personal budiharto protecting its newborn son Alexander and daughter Ella around the clock.

In addition, Clooney stepped up the security of their home in the suburbs of London, where they are in this moment. Services of personal security guards will cost George more than 318 thousand dollars a year. Bodyparty must constantly be in children’s rooms 56-year-old actor.
“The path to fatherhood was too long at George, and he wished to avoid any risk, these security guards are just the beginning,” — said the insider. In addition, Clooney has perfected a system of home security laser sensor, having spent 127 thousand dollars.
Such decisions Clooney can be considered deviations from the crazy happiness of his father, but he has real reasons to fear for the health and safety of the family – do not forget that the wife of the actor and the mother of his children Amal Alamuddin engaged in international law and has repeatedly received threats from terrorists in his address. Because of this, the lawyer had to be postponed until the best times of their trips to Sudan, Congo and other dangerous countries.