Papunaishvili became a father in his birthday

Папунаишвили стал отцом в день своего рождения
The wife of the famous dancer gave birth to a girl.

Evgeniy papunaishvili with his wife Salima

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Famous dancer Yevgeny papunaishvili became a father. His Wife Salima
Beaber, a stylist by profession, gave birth to a healthy
and a strong girl, weighing 3770 grams and growth of 53 centimetres. Daughter happy parents named Sofia. The pregnancy of a young mother, like childbirth itself,
passed easily. The couple led an active lifestyle. Eugene and Salem a lot
traveling, and attending social events. While Salim with
a child preparing to be discharged, but Eugene had already seen the baby, because she was born on the day of his 36 years.

“36. And it’s only the beginning. This year has been awesome, special,
there, the best in my life! — says the dancer. Schools are developing several
powerful television projects, but most importantly, is a great happiness from love.
I became a husband and now father. This is the best gift in my life! Thank you, Salim!
You turned
my life! Love you! You make me the happiest!”

Recall the marriage of Eugene was a complete surprise not only
for friends but even for parents of a dancer. About this, Eugene told himself.
“Thank you so much for the congratulations, says papunaishvili. Even for parents
it was a surprise. When, after check-in we brothers came to him to the country,
they were crying from happiness… Today we flew to Greece, where we’ll spend ten