Pappus StarHit: new Russian girl Ronaldo, Shepelev takes the son, the wedding, Nikita Presnyakov

Летучка StarHit: новая русская девушка Роналду, Шепелев увозит сына, свадьба Никиты Преснякова On the YouTube channel Andrei Malakhov came the next recording editorial meetings. This time we learned with whom to spend evenings with Cristiano Ronaldo, where to go and Dmitry Shepelev secret from officers and discussed the preparations for the most Grand wedding of the year.

Andrey Malakhov continues to conquer the world YouTube. This Thursday was a stormy and eventful. We met again at the planning meeting to discuss topical issues – the arrival of hot Cristiano Ronaldo in Moscow, wedding Nikita Presnyakova and secret trip Dmitry Shepelev and son Platon.

Our editor in chief and himself became a newsmaker last Sunday came the first issue of the provocative reality show “hanky-panky” with Diana Shurygina, which is all over the Internet. Andrey Malakhov with humor reacted to the violent reaction caused by the movie about 18-year-old star of “Let them talk”.

Diana Shurygina: an honest story about mental illness, sex and conflict with the bloggers

“Have you seen Diana Shurygina on the YouTube channel? Why not congratulate me that I am the king dislikes allowed?” – the leader told.

This exclusive second series of meetings was the emergence of 22-year-old blonde Kathy. She fulfilled the dream of many girls. Who would have thought that Kate will have dinner with Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the sexiest men in the world. As told, the very beautiful, the player found her on the geotag in Instagram. Selfies young girl struck Ronaldo in the heart. And other details of Dating Cristiano and our heroine can learn by watching the video.

After discussing sensational details of Ronaldo stay in Moscow, we came to another equally important topic. Recently, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev said that he wants to end the discussion of the controversial case about the disappearance of 20 million, and the struggle with the family of Jeanne Friske for a small Plato. However, the Network continue to receive new details of the case. We were exclusive the men with her son, taken at the airport. As claimed by the relatives of the singer, Shepelev was secretly taken away the child abroad.

Vladimir Friske: “Dima illegally taken Plato’s abroad”

In the final planning meeting is the time to shout: “Kiss!” Soon Nikita Presnyakov married Alena Krasnova. The celebration will take place on 27 July in the suburbs, so celebs are choosing outfits, and the lovers think what will be the wedding cake. “StarHit” will be sure to keep up to date on all details of the ceremony, which will be one of the biggest events of the summer.

We also add that this Sunday on YouTube will air another series of the reality show “hanky-panky” with Diana Shurygina, where viewers will find a lot of interesting events and unexpected twists. Subscribe to the channel malakhov007 and press the bell so as not to miss new video!