Папарацци обидели модель Victoria’s Secret

Seeing your pictures Topless model Victoria’s Secret Sara Sampaio was so upset and outraged that I decided to appeal to the photographer on his page in Facebook. Portuguese model secretly from behind the bushes photographed during a holiday in the South of France, where she was sunbathing with her lover Oliver Ripley. Pictures with almost naked 25-year-old model led her to write a letter to climbing in her life to journalists and reporters.

“How would you feel if you would Wake up in the morning I saw photos of his naked daughter? When I went on holiday to France, I had no idea that someone here could hide with the telescopic lens and to remove me from the bushes. Someone will say that I am a public person and needs to get used to this increased attention, but let’s separate private life and work. It is terrible that in our time people get the money for that vile spying on other people. I feel insulted. My candid shots not only hit the Internet, but also become a cause for dispute. Users on the forums discussing the shortcomings of my figure! I appeal to the media: please be more human,” wrote Sarah.

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