Paparazzi have caught Dakota Johnson with her boyfriend for a walk

Папарацци подловили  Дакоту Джонсон с бойфрендом на прогулке

For several months, the actress Dakota Johnson goes missing on the filming of the continuation of the erotic drama “50 shades of grey” “50 shades darker” in Vancouver, but this weekend, the 26-year-old actress flew to new York to be with her boyfriend Matthew Chittum< /strong>.

Папарацци подловили  Дакоту Джонсон с бойфрендом на прогулке
Paparazzi have caught the couple on a walk around Manhattan. Sheltered by the umbrella from the rain. The pair quickly hurried to hide from a natural disaster in the nearest cafeteria. I must say that the separation did them good: both looked peaceful and happy.

Recall that Dakota and Matthew began Dating in 2014, but a few months later the couple broke up. Rumor has it that the frontman of indie band Drowners could not stand the popularity of his beloved and in General initially was against her participation in this candid film project. At the beginning of this year, Dakota and Matthew decided to resume his novel.

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