Папарации застукали располневшую Рианну с новым любовником
The singer passionately kissing new boyfriend in the pool.

Rihanna with a mysterious stranger

Photo: @hprtv Instagram

Fans of Rihanna not a little intrigued. The thing
that in a Network there were shots taken by paparazzi in which the singer passionately embraces and kisses with dark-haired
the man nobody till now to identify failed. This shoot appeared in
particular, on the website dailymail.co.uk.

Reporters managed to watch 29-year-old Rihanna on vacation
in Spain. The pictures were taken when the unsuspecting singer in full
frolicked in the pool, located on the territory leased her private Villa
the imposing Vila Spanish. Rihanna was dressed in a tiny beige
swimsuit-bikini. And his neck was adorned with a gold chain. And singer, and her boyfriend
looked like they were in seventh heaven. In
between kisses, they laughed and “messing around”. And time did a couple
SIPS champagne from a glass that stood on the edge of the pool.

Interestingly, the singer’s fans take
desperate attempts to identify a new boyfriend of Rihanna, came to a curious conclusion.
Many of them decided that the mysterious Spaniard is the same man in the company
which last year entertained at the British Summer Time Festival in London’s Hyde Park Naomi Campbell!

As for Rihanna, she is already pretty
haven’t seen any date. Her last until recently boyfriend
was the rapper Drake, with whom she broke up last fall. Recall that in
the past, Rihanna has dated other celebrities, including rapper Chris brown, who beat one singer. So, in 2015 I wrote about
her affair with Leonardo DiCaprio and more before she was a two-year romantic
relationship with actor Ryan Philippe, ex-husband of Reese Witherspoon.