Paparazzi caught Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx

Папарацци подловили Кэти Холмс с Джейми Фоксом
Appeared vodopoglashchenie their romance.

Папарацци подловили Кэти Холмс с Джейми Фоксом

Katie Holmes


Although rumors about the affair Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx
go for a long time, photos of them together — a rarity. The fact that
Katie Fox is a true master of the conspiracy. And, Katie and Jamie have
a good reason to hide your affair, anyway, until the summer of this year.
After all, in terms of her divorce with Tom cruise,
she had no right to a public affair for the last 5 years. In
otherwise, she would have lost $ 5 million, which paid for her cruise.

But one of the visitors of the inconspicuous
restaurant in East Village(new York)
became the casual witness of their meeting. He was able to identify lovers and
to take a picture of them on camera in their phone and share photos in social
network. “Look who I caught together! It’s Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes. I
heard, of course, that they meet, but never seen together!” —
he commented his testimony with a romantic dinner “a sweet couple”.
This information appeared on the website

According to the author of the photos, the Fox and
Holmes behaved very casual, since, apparently, were convinced that
this place, no one will know. The
more than that, and Katie and Fox was, despite the evening time, dark glasses, and
Jamie, moreover, hid the face under a wide-brimmed light hat. So a couple
vengeance flirted with each other without fear of indiscreet looks

A new photo — almost the only one in the last couple of years
the picture, which managed to capture Cathy and Jamie together. In 2013, when
just begun their romance, they were photographed at a charity event in
New York, where they danced and hugged. And in 2015-m Holmes was the guest of the day
the birth of Fox, which he celebrated in new York
the restaurant Le Bilboquet, where she also managed to take a picture with Jamie. All
other evidence of their affair was based on the stories of “insiders”.

However, in the past
year appeared a more credible witness. Actress Claudia Jordan, a friend of Cathy, confirmed
live radio show that Holmes and Fox desperately in love with each other and
very happy. But then she’s probably at the request of Katie, denied its
own statement, saying that “she was misunderstood”…

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx