Panin unexpectedly married her friend’s ex-wife

Панин неожиданно женился на подруге бывшей жены

Tatiana at the time, supported the actor after a difficult divorce, and he went and fell in love.

Finally in the life of Alexei Panin all is well. Today, April 21, the actor married! What are self-reported in social networks:

“Come here”, is briefly signed photograph of Alex.

Now they say that about the approach of a momentous event in the life of Alex fans knew for a long time. Once he even posted a photo from a Bridal salon… Vposledstvii revealed that the popular actor was in a specialized shop is not accidental. In wedding salon, he helped to choose your favorite white dress.

“The last and only time in the Bridal salon I was when I bought the dress for his wife Lucy. She did not like. Now decided to check your taste again. Maybe this time you guess right,” said the actor earlier, says “StarHit”.

It is worth noting that with new husband Alex have long been acquainted. Tatiana was once a friend of his first wife. After the divorce, Panin was severely depressed, desperate actor drove him even to suicide attempts. And it is very time there was Tatiana.

“So it turned out that Tanya was once a close friend of my wife Lucy, also a celebrated actor. — We have known for more than five years. After the divorce, which was two years ago, at first I had no contact with the former spouse, and by the time Tatiana, too, have not supported her relationship. The last time Tatiana made friends, began to meet and spend time in the company of each other. Tatiana is very beautiful, cheerful and interesting person. I am pleased to be with her. But I don’t want to make plans for the future – will so goes.”

Apparently happened. Fans are very happy for their favorite actor, because finally in his life, not the scandals, intrigues and debauchery, and such a happy event, like a wedding.

“The best Leh. Happy for you sincerely”, “Council Yes love, bro!”, “Appreciate and take care of each other!” – wrote friends and followers Panin.

Later the actor denied rumors about his own wedding.

“I’m not married! And no one was interviewed, said Alexey Panin, writes the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. — Journalists wandering around my website and don’t understand our jokes with friends. Write what they want. And actually, my wife on March 9, 2013 is Grigoryeva Lyudmila Sergeevna!”

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