Панфилов, Шумакова, Меськова: как сложились судьбы звезд «Сладкой жизни» The actors spoke about the changes after the release of the acclaimed series. Starring Anastasia Meskova, Nikita Panfilov, lukeria Ilyashenko and others remembered the moments when I felt famous.
Панфилов, Шумакова, Меськова: как сложились судьбы звезд «Сладкой жизни»

From March 5 Kanal TV-3 will once again show the controversial TV series “Sweet life”, which premiered in 2014. Frank and ambitious project about confusing sexual life provided 30 years of Muscovites at the time, made a lot of noise, suddenly turning into stars in almost all of its participants and by opening before them new opportunities. How is the career of actors of the “Sweet life”, and what changes made have befallen them.

Roman Makin (Vadim)

Панфилов, Шумакова, Меськова: как сложились судьбы звезд «Сладкой жизни»

After the show Roman Makin starred in several high-profile TV projects, but the way Vadim is still the most recognizable and popular of his career. Unlike his character being family-oriented. Together with his wife Helen he has four children.

“Sweet life” changed everything! But the most important change was that specifically for the 3rd season I lost weight and it still brings me fruit in the profession and in your personal life, and health is very useful. Very cool friends say: “Look, what I was!” – and show a trailer of the first season where I weighed almost 30 pounds more than now. After the “Sweet life” I began to associate with my character, but I refer to it as normal is part of acting. On the contrary, it says that the way played very well. In addition, there is the opportunity to meet new people and prove to them that in life I’m not a cheater and not a villain,” admits Roman.

“This global analysis, as “the Sweet life”, I may have never met. During the filming of the series, many actors, Actresses and even the members of the group learned about something new, discovered some intimate things that they themselves are shocked. For me it was a positive experience – I have seen from many bugs that will never do in my life. Shown in the series history can happen to anyone of us, it was created precisely in order to make people think. This was the first project that in all frankness told about the change and revealed the inner world of the characters without any embellishment. This series is made with soul, it invested a lot of effort, and it shows. Here was found a lot of creative people, infected by the same idea, and they brought to life their most ambitious plans. It happens rarely”.

“In the coming year, the main challenge for me will be a play in which I’m Stripping. The formulation is very bold, so, God forbid, to work. In the nearest plans there is one interesting work in the movies, the shooting will begin in April, and I think that this story too will become successful. But to disclose the name of the project I unfortunately can’t.”

Anastasia Meskova (Julia)

Панфилов, Шумакова, Меськова: как сложились судьбы звезд «Сладкой жизни»

Career of the actress from a young age opened to the viewer by the film Director Vladimir Grammatikov, after starring in “the Sweet life” received a new round. Last year Anastasia Meskova has appeared on television in the acclaimed series “Trotsky” as a poetess Larisa Reisner. But the main preference Anastasia was assisted projects of the Bolshoi theatre where she is until 2016 acted as the soloist of the ballet until her son was born.

“After starring in “the Sweet life” people would come up to me and said, “you bitch!” The series brought great popularity, we entered every house, but people sometimes forget that I really am a different person with a different life. I still encounter situations when people start talking to me like I’m their friend and I don’t remember them and don’t know. We are an integral part of the lives of other people – as neighbors or friends of friends.” The star of the series “Sweet life” left him for a career

Панфилов, Шумакова, Меськова: как сложились судьбы звезд «Сладкой жизни»“I often write what I like is not played and lived the role. Sure, we all write. And no one doubts that this is all true, it’s not invented by the writers. We had a very honest project that was like watching real human passions. This movie is not powdery and sleek history, but the real juicy human passions, of flesh and blood. In such situations, could be any family, regardless of wealth and education,” Meskova says.

“In my character I was constantly irritated by her impulsiveness – I could not understand why it is so easy to take a wrong decision, dictated by the first emotion. But then I found myself in these qualities and work on them. In General, this series has been for me a challenge. If I can? Do you dare? The work was difficult, it was scary: what happens and what doesn’t. Still, we very rarely shoot a movie. Now the main goal for me is a return to the stage of the Bolshoi theatre. I hope that in the coming years I will have some more interesting films. And I dream of a private ballet school”.

Anton Denisenko (Mark)

Панфилов, Шумакова, Меськова: как сложились судьбы звезд «Сладкой жизни»

Anton continues to act for television, including took part in the TV series “the Unknown” on TV-3. Last summer, the actor married, and the wedding was attended by the entire crew of actors and Director of “the Sweet life”.

“Thanks to the series “Sweet life” I bought a lot of good friends. It turned out that all the actors are very interesting people with whom I am on the same wavelength. In most projects this is not, usually left one or two people with whom I communicate. But on the “Sweet life” we’re really a team, and so it brought us together, we still talk like best friends”.

“After this project I began to get serious about such things as love and marriage. At the time of filming of the second season I met a girl, and she became my wife. Apparently, the lessons of “the Sweet life” influenced me positively, and I was mentally ready to start a family. Now my wife is friends with all of our Actresses, especially Melikovoy Nastya and Masha Shumakova. When I go on shooting somewhere in another city, they are always going at our house, and it’s very funny”.

“The only negative aspect associated with “Sweet life”, is that the series is over, and some part of me took it with him. The same emotions the second time already not to worry, and a little sad. And when I get in the draft is easier, I really miss how it used to be in “the Sweet life”. In the next five years I would like to try yourself as a film Director. Now I have done a lot of paintings, and as an actor you know what I miss in a particular project and that I would have to modify, as Director. Now this for me is a realistic goal, and I have already started to gradually move in this direction”, – said Denisenko.

The Lukeria Ilyashenko (Lera)

Панфилов, Шумакова, Меськова: как сложились судьбы звезд «Сладкой жизни»

The young actress and professional dancer lukeria Ilyashenko, who came to conquer Moscow from Samara, after the “Sweet life” appeared in a dozen projects, including such high-profile as “Treason” and “About love. Adults only” and was also included in the casting sheet of the new sci-Fi series, TV-3’s “Outpost” directed by Yegor Baranov. Today Lusha constantly been on the agenda of the glamorous magazines and websites, including, because of its very candid Instagram. His personal life she prefers not to advertise, the actress is not married.

The lukeria Ilyashenko: “I Reproach myself for not able to say goodbye to father”

“I remember that morning: I Wake up, get in the car, food, and suddenly complete strangers start waving to me from a neighbouring cars and shouting: “Wow! It’s you, Lera! Cool! Awesome!” To “the Sweet life” almost all of us were useless. After it, my life changed dramatically. But still the “Sweet life” is the best quality and the best project in which I starred. For me it was kind of a starting point, and all I was offered too late, did not reach him. When the bar is set so high, when you realize that organic is the existence of acting in the frame and work with a cool Director, how beautiful it can all be removed, then the rest is not good. I really hope that my career will still be such projects, but you do realize how large this share of luck. With the “Sweet life” we are all very lucky!”

Панфилов, Шумакова, Меськова: как сложились судьбы звезд «Сладкой жизни»“The series documented truthful and accurate. He appeared at the right time and in the right place, it has become urgent, necessary, urgent, forced to empathize. Every other modern girl we like my character Valerie, especially in Moscow, where the dominance of predators, greedy rich men trying to find their own happiness through the prism of the relationship with a wealthy man. This is a very recognizable type.” – admitted Ilyashenko.

Nikita Panfilov (Igor)

Панфилов, Шумакова, Меськова: как сложились судьбы звезд «Сладкой жизни»

Of all the main characters in “Sweet life” Nikita Panfilov – the most seasoned actor, who at the time of the filming of the series there were several tens of roles in theatre, on television and in the movies. However, he acknowledges that the participation in this project affected his career. Last year, Panfilov appeared on movie screens in a large project about the heroism of Soviet cosmonauts to the “Salyut-7”. In the midst of the second season of “the Sweet life” he divorced his wife and now he has a new fiancee. Nikita Panfilov quarreled with relatives because of a secret wedding

“Sweet life” brought a wave of recognition and has become an important stage in his career, but was a negative point, due to the fact that I began to think of it as the hero-lover. Had to prove that I’m an actor not just one role, says Panfilov. – To all my friends, “the Sweet life” is like, the only question was – why am I so much time running around on the screen naked? “Well, that’s the role, – I explained, – the roles are different!”

Maria Shumakova (Natasha)

Панфилов, Шумакова, Меськова: как сложились судьбы звезд «Сладкой жизни»

After completing the first season of “the Sweet life” actress dropped 15 pounds and has starred in dozens of projects, but for her the image of a plump and unhappy married housewife Natasha is still the most recognizable. Now Mary leads an active lifestyle and travels a lot, as regularly reported in his Instagram. The actress is not married. The star of “the Sweet life” Maria Shumakova broke up with a loved

“After “the Sweet life” wherever I go in Russia, I see that I was in this city know and love. Come to me woman and say I changed their lives, thank you for my character. Is this popularity and the reverse side: already not easy to come out in my pajamas to the bakery and not be loudly cursing on the phone in the street. Or sometimes you feel bad, and people wanted to be photographed, and to deny them uncomfortable. But it’s all nonsense, of course!”

“Sweet life” succeeds because it’s a show about real, live people. In addition, played a role unadapted, original screenplay. Watch and know the characters that surround us in everyday life, you know, so complicated in fact the relationship between people. My family loves this show, and enjoy reviewing it. And mom and dad, and sister really love our project and support me. Any criticism about the direction the “Sweet life” was all understand that this is an interesting experimental project and I am proud that I participated in it,” – said Shumakov.

“For me this experience was very useful not only in professional but also in personal terms. But to be honest, I still don’t understand why people are cheating. I think they betray each other, because I think too much about how to take over someone, but each person needs first of all freedom to be happy.”

Marta Nosova (Sasha)

For world champion in athletic dance Martha Fore the role of Sasha was the first and currently only noticeable in the movie. Judging by her Instagram, the girl is now in Georgia, where he continues to engage in professional dancing.